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  1. Hi there! (Sorry for the wall of text, I'm the ranting personality, and also, I have a lot to say. tl;dr: I like it here, EMC rocks)

    I've been here only 5 days, so I figure it's not too late for an introduction post yet. I didn't post one earlier because I didn't want to until I was sure this was a place I wanted to stay.

    So, as you can probably tell, I've already settled in pretty well. I've already gotten a trophy for posting 30 messages here on the forums, and I've become a Diamond Supporter. Truly, I must like it here! :D I've settled in on the SMP2 server. I chose that one because the number 2 has been my favorite number ever since I was so little I can't even remember what age I was. It wasn't a bad choice either, the people there are friendly and courteous (most of the time), it's an active, bustling place, and I've got nothing to complain about. I plan on joining utopia at some point as well, but I'm not in a rush.

    Here's a quick introduction on my personal details: My name is Alexander, though everyone I know calls me Alex. I'm from Oslo, Norway, that thin and long little country way up north in Europe, sometimes called the little brother of Sweden. I recently turned 26 years old. I'm a software developer by profession, it has always been my passion ever since I got my own computer at age 9. I'm kinda short (1.75 m/5'9") and I dress horribly. (Jeans and a t-shirt is my "style") I'm married to an American woman who was brave enough and loved me enough to move here to Norway to be with me. If it ever seems like I know more about the US than would be normal for a Norwegian, keep in mind that my entire in-law family is American, and that I visit the country quite often. :p

    I started playing Minecraft back when it was Beta 1.8, IIRC, the price was 25% off at the time. Found the game enjoyable, but I'm mostly a single-player kind of guy. The few servers I tried were all really annoying, so I didn't bother. EMC is a different story entirely, as is obvious from my presence here and the first two paragraphs in this introduction.

    So, how did I come across EMC anyway? It was by complete accident. My wife was playing Minecraft (yeah, I've got an awesome wife) and every night she kept hearing a bunch of banging on her house's door. Curious if this was a bug or feature, I searched for minecraft door banging on my favorite search engine, and the fourth search result was this thread on the EMC forums, and not very long after that discovery of this site, I became an EMC member. :)

    I still play as though I am a single player, because, well, that's really what I like best. I do participate in town chat, I visit residences every now and then, and once I've gotten properly settled in, I might start a shop to get rid of the things I don't need, but you probably won't see me join any groups/guilds or go on any wilderness trips with a bunch of people. I'm a loner, and that's how I like it.

    Well, that should be enough. I plan to stay active here, both in-game and on the forums, so you'll probably be seeing me around a lot. I hope you'll all accept me with open arms! And may I say again: I love it here, and I love the people here! :D
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  2. Wow that's a lot of text!!!!! Now I'm gonna battle my way through it :p
  3. You sound like a pretty cool guy... I live on smp4 at residence 9088 I love EMC too and I was just like you I liked on single player because toning was getting grieved and all the servers were bad. I tried quite a lot of servers but everything got gridded, I did find one awesome server though and I thought it was the one but then I got banned for surface mining (I think it's because I leveled out a patch of grass for my house) so that was weird. I found an add for EMC on a site one day and loved the idea of a 60x60 plot to build on and I'm still here today! I'm considering becoming a supporter just for one month because this is such a great sever but I'm not entirely sure. Anyways if you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask me or any member of Alpha Squad we're happy to assist in any way :)

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  4. Woot big wall of text like you!
  5. I had a hard time reading all that with the positioning of my windows so I can have livemap open with the client, But I liked it for you if you haven't gotten that trophy yet.. :3
  6. I do now (got it not very long after the OP) but thank you anyway, it's nice being liked, haha. :)
  7. Well, thats a nice big introduction :) You seem like a nice guy. You should be lucky to have a wife like that, moving to Norway from America is a whole step to take :D Same like me you also stumbled across the server by accident. Btw get your wife to play here to, you guys can do things together etc its a bunch of fun :) And I am sure you are not the first couple who both play here :D
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  8. Welcome, Alex. It's good to have more educated and intelligent members. Glad to have you here.
  9. Haha, I couldn't help but see that post as an underhanded attack on a whole bunch of undisclosed members whom you deem uneducated and/or unintelligent. :p

    I'm happy to be considered educated and intelligent, though. :D