Lightning. Anyone else?

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  1. I just made my way from the wilderness to town for the first time since the reset. The entire voyage was by sea. On this trip I hit the biggest storm of the century. It was a thunder storm that lasted a full day and night cycle. I was hit by lightning 5 times. 3 times it destroyed my boat. Has anyone else gotten struck by lightning?
  2. yes it sucks becuase i had no boat left so i had to swim noooooooo
  3. Ugh, that was one of the most horrible storms!! I dug my way into a nearby mountain and shut myself underground until it ended. It's a good thing I had a good supply of mushroom soup and chicken!
  4. yeah buddy SOUP FTW
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  5. You know it!! Soup is a life saver in MC I swear.
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  6. Yeah, we found it weird, we had like 3-5 thunders on like 15 mins, thanks god we were undergound, but yeah it's pretty bad to handle with it on the sea xD
  7. yep really bad to handle
  8. I love this about minecraft, it can realistically recreate a storm that scares players enough to make them hide. :p
    I dont know if everyone has experienced zombies banging on doors yet, but i recommend you try this, it is quite loud and startling if you are not expecting it.
  9. I assume you SHOULDN'T wear a Benjamin Franklin outfit going out there, no?
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  10. really?
  11. I agree! Also if I am playing really late and the sun comes up (in MC) it makes me tired. It gives me that same feeling of when you stay up all night and the sun comes out and all the exhaustion hits you! lol
  12. LOL Yeah indeed, those zombies are scaring. But there is nothing as my first experience with minecraft monsters...
    Thing is: I had my volume up on my headphones, it was like 1am and everything but my pc screen was dark, and suddenly, while exploring my first cave, an spider jumps from the roof right into me.
    My reaction was something like this: (i didn't have to break the display, but yeah the rest it's almost identic. xD
  13. JustinGuy; Night gamer!

    Yeah there are some horrid storms, I get hit by lightning an awful lot!