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Do you think this explained what kind of person she is? (HelloKittyRo)

Yes, It explained how she is a nice person. 1 vote(s) 14.3%
No, I didn't really explain anything, it just explained part of her life. 6 vote(s) 85.7%
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  1. Hai, I'm HelloKittyRo! I'm doing the introduce yourself page! I deiced to to this and give a little thing about how I am these days. (Lol, that was a funny comment) Anyways, I'm a Female! (You can guess that from my name) I play on SMP2, SMP5, and SMP6. I'm a Diamond Supporter and I have the most creative mall in the server. (That is my opinion!) Anyways, My mall is on SMP2. To be honest, it is very creative. So, I'm here to right a very VERY long story about me! Why you ask? Because (If you didn't read the tittle) This is an introduce myself page! (If you didn't figure that out already.) So, let's start! I have a brother. He play's on this server. His username; mcbear10. He plays on SMP5. He used to be a Diamond Supporter, but he isn't anymore. Anyways, I have a lot of friends on this server. I'm only going to name for you 2. Here they are: RainbowChin and Aphaea. You're problem like Hey, I know those 2, they are mods! Yes, they are, but they are also my friends! Now back to the real story! Enough about me! (I'm joking, this whole story is about me! Why do you think my tittle is this; The Introduce Yourself Page By: HelloKittyRo?) Anyways enough about that, back to me! Anyways, so I was taking a walk in the park and then this explosion happened. I was so scared that my dog started running faster then me. The End. (Lol, that was a made up story! Non of that happened!) Anyways, I got nothing else to talk about. So I'm going to end this thread. Bye, hope you all had a very VERY VERYRYRYRYYRYR nice day:D Bye y'all!
    Your Friend,
    HelloKittyRo :)
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  2. Guys, if you don't like any of the question answers up there, fell free to make your own!
  3. Now tell us a story that did actually happen :p
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  4. I did 607..
  5. Hello KittyRo. :)
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  6. The color hurts my eyes ;-;
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  8. LOL, I've been in the empire for a while.
  9. ok then, welcome to the Empire forums! :p I skipped over the joined date and saw your TEXP total and assumed new, sorry. :(


    Either way, happy building. :cool:
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  10. Maybe she's just not that violent :p