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Do you tthink this is a good idea? Be Honest!

No, your an idiot.(PS: It's jks. I don't care :3) 12 vote(s) 38.7%
Yes, Your like someone with an IQ of 145 for thinking of this! 19 vote(s) 61.3%
  1. cooltext742279132.png
    Empire Minecraft's first PvP Guild.

    Q: Wait EMC doesn't have PvP, will it?
    A: I believe Aikar isn't lying. LINK (Scroll Down)

    Q: I thought you "left" EMC?
    A: I have been hard at work on my server, and if EMC is getting PvP, I'm all for joining the party!

    Q: What is the Imperial Guild?
    A: Essentially a PvP Guild, for the upcoming PvP Server. From the word of this I heard there will be "Factions" That reset every game. We will help each-other buy things, fight, etc.

    Q: When is the PvP Server coming?
    A: Ask staff (I believe soon! :D)

    Q: How do I Join?
    A: Just put your Minecraft IGN in this post and I'll add you to the list, no questions asked!

    Q: When will this Guild "Activate"
    A: When the PvP Server launches.

    Member List:
    [Owner/Fighter] Ivonator123
    [Baker/Fort Builder] Tehwafflez
    [Baker/Medic] Jeanzl2000
    [Bate] nerone94
    [Bate] moyaboya
    [Farmer/Archer] lightgear456
    [Fighter] Jwlpo
    [Medic/Spy] prof_genius
    [Recourse Collector] DaJaKoe


    Note: lol, don't mind the extra "t" in the poll :3
  2. First of all, I though you left EMC.
    Edit: Never mind
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  3. I might Join, When The PvP server is out.
  4. Tehwafflez the Baker/ Fort builder ;)
  5. Okay Migs :D
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  6. Not ALL of EMC is going to have PvP. Probably just one server or arenas. :)
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  7. I will be the Food Maker or like the Medic and baker who runs the sheep/doggy farm.
  8. I know. :)
  9. You're one of my favorite people. I'll join. I'll be the guy that runs in recklessly and dies.
  10. I dont think that the pvp server will be anything like you thik, I'm guessing it will be a rotation of maps that have two or more teams that fight to get wool or the most kills and when one team wins it switches maps. Thats just what I think.
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  11. eh.....I like PVP, but I would prefer a HG EMC server with freindly battles to the death...not people fighting b/c they actually HATE each other.
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  12. Sign me up Ivon, I'll be a the guy that dies first. idk a distraction mabye? something like that. (can that be my actual job desc.?)
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  13. Well, it goes against the core values of EMC,

    So if Aikar goes ahead... well, OK, that's what happens. I hope it won't happen.

    As far as I know, EMC is totally "No PVP" - that's one of the reasons I like it, and I think many others do too. And that's what it says, in all the rules, throughout the website.

    It's a "core value" - no PVP.

    I see one person - Aikar - talking about the possibility of PVP on EMC; but I hope it will never happen.

    For now, my post stands; EMC does not have any PVP, anywhere, ever. Nice and simple. It's a community, and any PVP goes against the basics of EMC.
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  14. It would go against a core value but it would only be in one isolated server/ arena, so it wouldnt affect you unless you went to that area.
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  15. Yea I guess you have a point
  16. Haha. I made a private pvp team wit my bro and others a couple months ago:rolleyes:
  17. DaJaKoe OKA Dragonorb18

    I am an adventurer, a miner, I have some ideas in mind for traps, I make bases that appear a certain size on the surface, span greatly under ground and I am very diplomatic. If there will be a PVP server with this guild, I want to join. But this guild better be one that seeks to build, expand peacefully and not be one of ruthless barbarians just looking to kill everyone that is not with them.