The Idiot, jtc0999, needs more help! [Help installing Texture packs and adventure maps needed]

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  1. As the title states, i'm an idiot, and i need more help. I'm trying to install texture packs AND adventure maps, but both don't work. I have unzipped all FOUR texturepack files, placed them into the resource folder, but they don't pop up in my texture pack option.

    I'm trying to install:
    -Dead Island (Along with adventure map)
    -Faithful 32x32

    Now, i am trying to install the Dead island minecraft adventure map, but i cannot get it to work either.

    The directions say: 'saves' and extract to the ".minecraft/saves/" folder. 'Texture pack' and extract to the ".minecraft/texturepacks/" folder. 'Mission Notes' Have the notes ready for when you start playing!

    I have done one and two, and when i launch the game, it's supposted to say "Dead Island".
    Nothing happens.

    (One thing to add: It says it'll only run with minecraft 1.0.0; is that REALLY out dated?)

    Here is download link and desc.

    NOTE: If i were to download 1.0.0, could i keep 1.6.2 on my PC, or would i have to delete it?
  2. Ok... Assuming the Map is in a .zip file, you would un-zip it with WinRaR or 7Zip, etc. Then, put the map folder into AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\Saves. If this does not work, could you list everything you did, step by step, or record it? For the TPs, if they are Just texture packs, then they are no longer compatible with the new launcher. To make them compatible, you will want to download Mojang's tool, here:
    After, you will just follow instructions using it, and it will convert everything to a resource pack! Good Luck :)
  3. Uh, there are no instruction on what to do >.< Do i just copy it into 1.6.2 .jar?

    For the adventure map:

    1: I unziped the file
    2: Put ALL contents into a folder called "Dead Island"
    3: I went to Saves, took out the folder that said "Saves", and i moved it from Dead Island to Saves.
    4: X out
  4. For the texture fixer, it's a program, so open it. Then, a window will pop up where it wants you to select the texture pack, so do that, and click convert packs!
  5. No, it's a .jar file for me....
  6. I know, but double-click on it. It is .jar, not .exe.
  7. Ok, so i extracted the files to a folder on my desktop. Now what?
  8. Wait, what? So you opened the .jar file, and did everything the texture fixer wanted?
  9. When i double clicked the file, all it did was open a bunch of folders with the option to extract them (And many other options)

  10. Ummm..... JEEEEEBBBB!!!!! I'll just quickly record what I do...
  11. So wait.. You're trying to install a map from 2011..? That's a bit... Interesting...

    Anyways, concluding from what you've said here, and from what i've tested, I could download the map fine, but the texture pack is obviously broken. Anyways, so do you have the map all finished and done? If not, here's my suggestion.

    1. Open the "Deadisland" folder!
    2. Navigate in the folder to the section where there's the read-me notes!
    3. Open up the "Save-File"!
    4. Keep that file open, and do your thing to get to the minecraft folder.
    5. Open up saves and move the "DeadIsland" folder to the "Saves" folder.

    And if you're trying to make those texture packs work? Are you using a windows..? I dunno if that has anything to do with it, but it may do.!? (Edit, Unable to reply for a loong time.. Hope this gets resolved!)
  12. I just realized that my Computer has some personal info that I would rather keep secret until a later date... but to open the texture ender, you just need to right-click on the .jar file, then click open with, and use "Java(TM) Platform SE Binary".
  13. For the texture packs just drop them into your resource pack folder without unzipping them and they should work fine
    Thanks guys!
    So, what do i do about the adventure map?
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  15. I don't have any problems recording so give me a few minutes to do that. I will upload the video for you to skydrive and post a download link.

    My screen recorder is being stupid so I will just type the steps.
    1. extract the file you downloaded
    2. look in it for a file with saves in it
    3. open that file
    4. copy what you then see to your minecraft saves folder.
    5. You can find the saves folder in .minecraft
  16. There is a chance that the map name could be different then the save, so when you boot up minecraft, try looking for maps saved as DeadIsland, instead of named that.
  17. The folder that you have to put in the minecraft/saves folder is the map with all contents in it. When you extracted the zip, take the dead island folder out of the extracted dead island folder, so you don't have a double folder. You just have to take one folder with all contents(but without the notes, of course) in it to the saves directory. Hope I've been clear, in fact I don't think so:p
  18. Well, if you downloading a map you do unzip that and put it in your saves folder. Easy Enough. For texture packs, they are not compatible anymore. So you need to convert the pack to a resource pack. Now, once you have the resource pack, DO NOT unzip the file! Packs are meant to be a .zip file.
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    I love y'all SO much :D
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  20. Actually, an update changed that, a while ago...