The 'I Live In The Wild' Thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bitfed, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Maybe! I've found swamps to be excellent for clay myself.
  2. Seems there is a lot of people moving to the Wilderness. How do you guys like it so far? :)
  3. I have already got griefed. So now I live about 20 minutes out? May not seem like much but. Its boring as hell getting there... And. Im lonely. Oh so lonely.
  4. I know what you mean SR, lol. I tend to have that issue as im australian and the others are not, not to mention they play on different servers.
  5. i know what you mean. before i found a safe route through the nether, it took an hour to get to my base. it's really annoying when you get half way and realize you forgot something.
  6. Ryukk, I'm Australian? :D
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  7. I bet there are more people who live in the wilderness than you'd first think, since they're not so visible... with good reason.

    But anyways, it's good! It does suck dying, and having to travel back. Definitely the price you pay for avoiding grief. But I'm also planning on taking advantage of the nether at some point. There are some good ideas in this thread! I could make a mini base in there and even have some water!
  8. Build a bed and sleep in it!
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  9. Well explains why you never sleep SR :p lmao.
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  10. Wait. Wait. Wait.
    Does that make you spawn there?
    I'm still a multiplayer newb. I figured beds wouldn't do anything.
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  11. yep, it works on the smp servers (but not on utopia as there is no night time) you just lay down and it opens chat and sets your spawn.
  12. I'm still debating about where to setup my camp. I kinda want to do an under water base but that'll be difficult.

    I also have came up with a very serious design on a "Vault" to protect goods, with 4 billion booby traps that will kill you.

    Though the security of the vault would be in knowing how it works to get in w/o dying, so I can't go into details =P
  13. I've got a bit of an issue with this, and would like to bring a couple things to your attention.
    Also, your thread is practically a duplicate of the 'I Live In The Wild Thread'.

    Is the reason you've taken these ideas and made them supremely your own because you want to be in charge of everything?

    Would you like to work together on this or no? Because this seems to indicate that you don't.
  14. I haven't made them My own, I wasnt actually aware you were making a site, and I did borrow a few of the questions for inspiration, although, honestly, what other questions could I ask? And yes I would love to work together with you on this. :D Give me a pm with all the info :D
  15. sooo. anyone want to make a club for us hermits?
  16. You can be hermit and join EWF :D thats the best part :)
  17. really? I'm fairly certain no one lives within 20k blocks of me, wouldn't I be classed as an individual not a community?
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