The Empire Wild Federation Thread. All wild settlements welcome.

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  1. We join in union in order to realise our ambitions of living in the breathtaking wilds of the Empire. Beautiful views, Friendly Neighbours, and Freedom are our goals.

    If you too live in a wild community, please contact us here. We aim to stand strong as a unit, sharing information and strategies that facilitate our living in the wild.

    We don't ask that you change the way you live in order to join us. We offer instead tools and advice to enable you to govern in the way your group wants. And you may find a few trustworthy, sympathetic helping hands in the process.

    The EWF is an organization for settlements, and not individuals. We are mostly a collection of groups who live in the wild, and our goal as an organization is to provide support to communities who find themselves with the same goals in mind. If you do not already belong to a wild community, please give a look around the forums to see if someone is looking for new members, they may already be affiliated with the EWF.

    We are currently drafting our rules and standards of behaviour throughout the EWF and we hope by reaching out to the community, that we can hear some of your opinions and suggestions.

    The type of feedback we think will be the most helpful
    • The requirements to maintain an active membership with the EWF
    • Volunteer work?
    • Requested participation within the community or donations?
    • What sort of information you would find to be helpful from other wild community administrators.
    • Guidelines/Rules you think will be necessary to keep all parties happy
    • Mission statements that would make you feel comfortable committing to our organization.
    Proposed Guidelines
    • We are here to support each other. Friendly competition is okay, but we are explicitly NOT here to be critical or unhelpful.
    • We want everyone to have a fun enjoyable experience with EWF. We are coming together to find out what the greatest good is, and then to offer support to all friendly, helpful players in order to help them realise their ambitions of living in the wild.
    • The EWF is a free federation, But you may be asked to help others.
    • Anyone who does not wish to follow these simple rules shall not be in the EWF.
    • ALL other EMC rules apply, No stealing, No griefing, No swearing ect.
    • No coordinate, or sensitive information will be shared without express consensual permission from every Full Member State.
    EWF Mission Statements
    • The EWF isn't a government meant to impose things upon you, we're here for the benefit of all wild communities.
    Please give us some feedback here. ALL ideas are welcomed from ALL Empire Minecraft players, regardless of affiliation.
  2. Looks great :)

    We will update it often and are currently debating aspects of it Many more updates in the future, So read often. And please give feedback :D
  3. Hello, Ive just formed a new kingdom just about 2 weeks ago. Its called the snow golem kingdom since it is located in a winter wonderland for those fellas. Theres a wall and such with gate that opens and closes, 2 people live in here so far that helped me form this kingdom and i hope there will be more to come that are trusted. The place has all pens for animals to kill for food.. a Nice planting farm underground tunnel to a warmer biome. to surface, And theres a ravine in here which is like 15% discovered which is evil. ores just playing tricks with its friend lava. The homes of other people are just about 5 houses so far, And theres a castle. When the wall comes down maybe by creepers, 2 block thick wall Just so it can be protected in emegencies and to fight them off. Now what i plan in the future. Is just to once make this place pretty and nice. Its a mess here actually. torches everywhere. Needed to be organized. lol and all the decor needed. and Wanting people to join so these empty slots can be filled. And i guess why i want to join the federation is for people to help out in advice on how i can make this place Neat and nice with decor and such.
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  4. I love his castle. Its laid out well :)
  5. Nice!!!
    Right now I'm making a Wild Group, it would be nice to join you guys :)

    I will ask my (only 6 others right now :I) members to see what they think.
    We might join this once we start to work on our base after the 1.2 update, and we might not.
    We will see :)
  6. Hi all,
    Well we used to have a wild settlement until it got griefed!
    But not to be put off. I have moved deeper into the wilds and will be sending out invites to friends shortly.
    Those who knew seaport town on SMP5, give me a call in game and i'll welcome you to our new home!

  7. Well im glad that the grief did not turn you off living in the wilderness. :)
  8. I have a medium sized town in the wilderness but I don't want to disclose the location of it for the fear of griefers. If I get to know the members a bit better I will disclose that but for now, sorry I would prefer not to. :)
  9. You don't have to disclose your coords.... :)