The 'Hyperloop'

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  1. This seems interesting.. It makes traveling so much easier.
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  2. yea, up to 800 miles per hour is crazy!
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  3. No proper explanation of the science behind it...
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  4. Why would you want to go from Sacramento to San Diego it would be so much cheaper to drive.
    And honestly, I think the world should just give up on debt and work together to achieve the greater good, we could advance so far in so little time with the scientists of the world working together.
    And no more war if we all work together.
  5. Great idea..... Just need the government to approve of it :) which could take forever, sadly :(
  6. Lol.. Do you have no concept of time?
  7. No, not much sense of depth easier.
    I said to my dad,"Wonder if I can reach the snow with my arm"
    I proceeded to try to grab at snow that was diagonally three or four feet down and outside of a window.
  8. Speed. I'd rather fly across the Atlantic (despite the fact that airline service sucks) than take a boat.
    Giving up on debt would involve all of the parties who are in surplus to give up their money, something which isn't likely when that amount is upwards of a billion in some cases. Similarly, science is always tainted by politics, look at climate change as an example. It's been so politicized, there is evidence that stands 100% contrary to itself.
    As far as no more war.... History will say at the least that it hasn't worked out in that way.
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  9. I believe it is all explained in Elon's paper on it. There are a couple of engineering organisations who have taken a look at it, and the general consensus is that while there are some issues, it's possible.
  10. Links in the articles with some nice details:

    I'd like to see more things like this developed. There are many facets of our lives where we do things in outdated, wasteful ways that could be improved on. Although I like the idea, I think they would potentially be very expensive sabotage targets. Imagine what running into something that isn't even very big at 800mph/1287kph might do.
  11. The hyper loop is basically it is similar to a giant vacuum. Does not cost too much money to operate or even build but the problem is Musk does not even have any plans to build it. He does not want to build it himself but he is looking for someone to take the project.