The Hunt For The Golden Apple Is Over

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  1. Two days ago I was adventuring caves on a new island southpark347 and I found. The first dungeon I came stumbled upon contained a zombie spawner and a chest. I opened up the chest to see two buckets, some string, a saddle and a GOLDEN APPLE!. Last thing, pardon the caps. 2012-08-01_00.51.16.png
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  2. Is that even possible?
  3. Are you saying that only 1 golden apples appears in the whole map?

    Because MC Wiki says there is a 1/1100 change for it to spawn, very rare but not unique. :)
  4. But it is AWESOME!
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  5. Yeah its possible!

    Sometimes you find one :)

    EDIT: lol im too late...
  6. now you can make that s grinder
  7. Its not the only one in the map but something that rare is an honor to find
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  8. indeed.
  9. I dont really care... I can make DOZENS of golden apples with my gold farm...
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  10. Slain zombie piggehs?
  11. Nope. Heres a video my cousin made to teach you little kids about the ways of farming...

    I was Just kidding about the little kidz xD
  12. That is awesome!
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