The Hunger Games

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  1. hey whats up guys spy here! #lol how many people are excicted for mocking jay to come out (the movie) i know i sure am! so as you all probably know The Hunger Games and Catching Fire were complete success now i don't know about Mocking jay i have read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire so here is the Hunger Games thread please ask mods about putting lets play Hunger Games on here as im pretty sure it would be advertising other servers so comment and welcome to the 75th Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor =D
  2. If you like Hunger Games, I would recommend the "Maze Runner" trilogy. It has the same feel, but a very different plot. It isn't better or worse, just different.
  3. The end of Catching Fire gave me big expectations on Mocking Jay, let's hope it's as good as the first two movies.
    Agreed, the movie is coming out soon too (September 2014 I think).
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  4. November ;)
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  5. Not Mocking Jay, the Maze Runner movie :p
  6. oh...oops :oops:
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  7. If you're interested in playing Hunger Games on EMC, I think you should contact sambish20 as I believe he was involved in organising previous games!
  8. ok thankies
  9. Too bad they decided to split mockingjay into two movies released a year apart.
  10. yup that absolutely sucks now you cant watch the whole movie at once you have to wait another year and get off your couch and play it #if you dont go to theaters
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  11. The problem is, a big part of Mockingjay was Katniss's state of mind (bordering on, and sometimes crossing into, insanity) and outlook on life. That is very difficult to capture on the silver screen.
  12. Ah. I heard Bdubs talking about this Katniss. He didn't know what movie she was from, but it is a good movie according to him.
  13. I'm not a fan of the third book, what the author did to Katnass is just wrong. Why take a strong spirited woman and make her weak and helpless for that book? This is the first book to movie where I hope the movie is NOT like the book. She has an enemy to fight, Peeta to save and evil government to destory. Now is not the time to be weak and helpless.

    In my world there are only 2 Hunger Games books, still waiting for the third... hehe :D
  14. When it will be that much different though many people will probably be discontent about it.