The Hunger Games Event Volunteers List - By AlexHallon

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AlexHallon, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all!
    I will use this thread as a list for all the people who volunteered to join my event.
    Anyone may volunteer at the Main Thread, even if there's already volunteers for your server/gender:

    :D = More than enough people
    :) = Enough people
    :( = Not enough people


    Male: HeavenlyBacon, SpaceShuttleFan, Liasen, Sneeker134, Mrsmiley99, Lukas3226 :D
    Female: Capostolico :(

    Male: Pokemonobsessed, SecretAznEks, Mastermind205, Noblebullshark, Brennian :D
    Female: :(

    Male: Soulpunisher, Tippythecat1, Jayshane, Sebbehallon :D
    Female: Sportfreak22 :(

    Male: Eh180, Ninga_is_awesome, Bobthetomato9798, _Stads_ :D
    Female: :(

    Male: Ninjangsta24, Tclement1, Corey5503, IamSaj, ClickZzHD:D
    Female: Dirtyworker, XxRawryxX, Punchingtrees101 :D

    Male: Doobadooba :(
    Female: :(

    Male: Xis6siX, Creeper655 :)
    Female: :(

    Male: Pgoubert, Smile3 :)
    Female: Arrowgirl27 :(

    Male: Neonkillah :(
    Female: Whataparadise :(

    Male: CreppaNinga235, Natfan :(
    Female: :(
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  2. Erm, there are already like 3 events like this :D
  3. I know, but I planned to do this first of them all =P
  4. There are now 5 people signed up!
  5. 9 people!
    I smell a succesfull event!
  6. need a female for Utopia lol
  7. 14 people!! WOW..
  8. 17 people!!!
    Awesome, but sadly most are from Smp5...
    COME ON SMP3!!!
  9. We still need more Female's for every server except SMP5 :p
  10. Tons of people still needed, expecially Females! :confused:
  11. Hey i made an application, and i have a residency for smp8, but im not on the lit!! :confused:
  12. Wow, I thought more EMC girls were interested in the Hunger Games. Weird.
  13. I made an application as well, but the list claims I did not. :U
  14. Sorry, i have been a bit busy today, I got it earlier but forgot it, sorry, I will check it again soon.
  15. I am from server 9, not the utopia server! :D
  16. Lol!
    I guess i typed it at the wrong place, thanks for telling me! :D

    I'm putting an :D in everything I say today cause I will watch The Hunger Games at a Cinema :D
  17. When will the games happen?
    I can't be on from 29 april to 6 or 7 may:S
  18. Not sure, should be somwhere in May :D

    15 min's left before me and my dad goes to the Cinema!!!
  19. What movie?
  20. The Hunger Games :D :D :D