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  1. Do you like The Hunger Games? Would you like to play them in Minecraft?
    Although there's another version of the THG event, I only want to add another perspective to the event. So, if you want to join it, just fill the form below* to become a tribute, a sponsor, a gamemaker or a recorder.
    You don't know what are The Hunger Games? No problem, here is a little introduction:

    -"The Hunger Games is a morbid competition which takes place annually in the country of Panem. Every year, one boy and one girl between ages 12 and 18 is selected from each of the twelve districts as tributes, who prepare for a week and then go into an outdoor arena to fight to the death. The event is nationally televised as mandatory viewing for all citizens and the last living tribute is declared the victor."

    Before the Hunger Games starts, sponsors and recorders will do a guided tour of the Capitol and all the interesting buildings, while tributes live and train at the Training Center.
    The Arena will be full of mobs and traps, and the server will be in survival mode. If a tribute dies, he will respawn at the Death Tributes lobby, and stay there until the end of the event. Is not mandatory to wear a tribute skin, but you should do it. There will be a drop party that depends on how much money we collect from donators*, in the SMP who the victor comes from.
    The server of the event is hosted in alexhuac's computer ATM. It won't be connected at all times, so I'll send the schedule when the Event starts.

    *Application form:

    What do you want to be: Tribute, sponsor or recorder.
    Skills: (Only tributes)
    Male/Female: M/F
    Have you read the books or watched the Hunger Games film?: Yes/No

    Current Gameholders:
    Chascarrillo (Plutarch Heavensbee :p)
    Alexhuac (Caesar Flickerman :cool:)
    sanchezbayogonz (Coriolanus Snow :eek:)
    +There are no vacants to become a gameholder, sorry.
    0 vacants

    Current tributes:
    District 1 (Luxury goods):
    tclementi1, male
    TealiaStar, female
    District 2 (Construction, weapons and Peacekeepers):
    SecretAznEks, male
    Spiffiey, female
    District 3 (Technology and electronics):
    RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66, male
    Virstis, female
    District 4 (Fishing):
    Thdcoolkid, male
    yankees518, female
    District 5 (Energy):
    MeinCravta, male
    District 6 (Transport):
    BobTheTomato9798, male
    District 7 (Wood and paper):
    FlevasGR, male
    District 8 (Textiles):
    Xenmas456, male
    District 9 (Industry):
    ImaYoufo, male
    District 10 (Cattle):
    Bitmonger20, male
    District 11 (Agriculture):
    Lun4rX, male
    District 12 (Mining):
    princebee, male (Peeta :))
    HarryHyper, female (Katniss :))
    +We need more female tributes! Apply to become a tribute!
    7 vacants

    Current sponsors:
    621op, male
    Apply to become a sponsor of the Capitol!
    (We need about 40 sponsors)
    Unlimited vacants

    Chascarrillo: 1000r
    Robot_Chicken_66: 4000r
    Donate and help making the drop party! Current amount of rupees: 5000

    Current recorders:
    +Do you want to see the event in Youtube? If you know how to do gameplays and videos, help us recording the event and putting it together, creating an awesome video of the 1st MC Hunger Games event!
    There are no current recorders. Reply to this post and become a recorder!
    Vacants: 4

    Any opinions and suggestions are totally welcome!
  2. We aren't getting many female tributes so can we accept 2 males in a district? I know some people who can join but they are guys.
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  3. ok i will say it to chascarrillo
  4. No problem
  5. Alright, ill go message them.
  6. I would suggest putting a major hold on this event as there are already quite stew events EXACTLY the same as this one which are about to commence. I would wait at least a month for the other events to get over and done with as it would probably encourage more activity and applications from members tying to get selected and join.
    Thus is just a suggestion but I thought I would put it out there ;)
  7. Also you may want to revise your claims of being the 1st Hunger Games event on EMC...
  8. Actually this event has been going a long time now, but i think chascarillo started a new thread for it, since the other one was getting quite big.
  9. Ahh well that makes sense :D
  10. Ok i have messaged my friends. They will be posting on here soon
  11. Making a new skycraper: 2012-06-09_14.59.54.png
  12. So, I've received NUMEROUS reports from people in this project about griefing that's taking place on a server that EMC doesn't even run. I was leinient for a while with letting an outside server organize here, but for now I will be locking this thread. I've been talking with another player, xatharon, who will be organizing his own version of an EMC only HG server. He will be finding/creating a server to host (not his own PC) the event and has a bit of it organized already. I suggest everyone here move to that thread and speak with him. For now, that is the only thread I will be allowing to an outside server. He will be setting up his own forums as well to organize it all on after the main setup is all done here and so we don't get griefing/drama reports of a server we don't even run here.

    Thanks for the understanding.
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