the horribleness of horribleness!

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  1. i came across this last night, i figured i'd show everyone. lol

    i like to browse websites, looking for minecraft servers like this, juuuust to see how well they are doing/how well they are put together/ and how nice they look. i do believe i've checked out close to 50+ servers, all not holding my attention for more than 10 minutes.

    their website sucks, their 'mods' telling in game players that they have "better things to do that to sit around and answer their questions" and believe me, i messaged the owner to that server about that disgraceful treatment.

    well, i've come to the conclusion that everything sucks elsewhere, and that i'll always be a loyal Empire Citizen ... but i came across this last night, and i just HAD to get a screenshot and show you...

    i USED to think the nuke area's surrounding the protection zone on EMC were really bad, that is, until i saw this.

    i really don't think i've ever been so horrified in my entire life... its like, they never take care of it... :eek:

    its just a good thing we have the awesome staff that we have, we play on the best server out there, no doubt about that.
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  2. Wow. That's pretty scary...
    A lot of servers are like that though, sadly...
  3. Lol the apocalypse happened in that server
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  4. Did we had a major war there? :eek: WOW That's scary.
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  5. Did you even try to explore that? Looks like my single player TNT adventures :p
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  6. Lol TNT really enhances my single player maps ;)
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  7. Youre right, thats why you stay on EMC.
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  8. I gave up looking for other servers a LONG time ago. Everything you mentioned happened on every server I've ever found. But far more annoying than that is their chat. Prior to Mojang's addition of turning chat off, there was usually no way to do it on most servers. Also, they were simply rife with promotion messages. To the point that playing was impossible. And the servers where you can claim land "in the wild"...pssh. Good luck starting. You'll die before you can even find land to claim.

    Best to stay here. :D
  9. you can see on the map where the protected area is, in the middle of that is the servers spawn (pathetic) excuse for a spawn building (shack) i actually think this server was uberfuntime? or uber-something. well, it wasn't anything but uber-hideous. i saw that on my mini map, HAD to take a photo, and signed off.

    goodbye crappy server!

    i know all about that too, and you're right, staying right here. <3
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  10. Meh. I only play on Skitscape's and TheCampingRusher's servers...if I want PvP. Also, I do play M*n*Z but a little less than I used to. Although their servers are really well maintained but nothing will ever beat the Empire :p
  11. Oh, I have had my fair share or servers.

    I have seen one server where there was a section on the website for bans.
    In this section, they basically encouraged people to argue about why they shouldn't have been banned.
    You could also suggest names for other people who you wanted to be banned.
    Yeah, sounds good doesn't it? /sarcasm

    Another server was also memorable, it had separate worlds for creative and survival and another "arcade" world.
    I loved it there. So much so that I donated $25.
    About a week after I donated, they announced that the servers was closing and never coming back.
    Although I guess it was a blessing in disguise, because I would never have had to look for another server.
    I never would have found EMC.
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  12. Looks like IcC was getting rid of the competition...

    And I do visit other servers because I just find it fun to do something different. Although I have before, if the owners etc are nasty to me/friends etc then I will do something evil to them.
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  13. well, the owner of that server actually got back to me, and his reaction was far different than what i had expected it to be, it was rather enlightening. lol
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  14. yourpoint.png

    I don't see the difference really... Something tells me you are looking for affection. Who exactly plays close to spawn anyway? (hint: use nether travel)
  15. well aren't you just a grumpy gus. i like communicating with my fellow community members, nothing about looking for affection. :mad:

    and there is a lot of difference, the entire map was like that... also, the mods run around and reset areas all the time...
  16. Utopia's west outpost is like that... its like parkour trying to get around!
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  17. Looks like Batman farted on the server.
  18. Some communities thrive off drama. Clearly, they aren't very professional.
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  19. It's only that bad because people cobble farm there for some reason...
    Just walk out like another few hundred blocks and all is well again.
    Plus with so many people on the server it's kind of expected.
  20. Hmm.. Retarded Squid mod.. I'm sure that's what happened there