The homework hate thread!

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  1. Hate on homework here!
  2. I hated homework at school. Then I went to college and did assignments. I can safely say that school homework was generally a lot nicer... :p
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  3. I haven't had homework so far this year, so...
    ( Ive had assigned homework but always finish in class )
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  4. I live in a country where they give you too much homework.
  5. So you live in The Netherlands?
  6. I haven't had anything too bad this year, but last year a teacher assigned us a 10 paged packet without teaching us how to do saying it was due the next day. The next day he tells us it was a joke assignment and will barely be graded... I spent 4 hours trying to figure that crap out.
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  7. Nope.
  8. Then you have it easier than me :p
  9. Korea?
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  10. I miss homework...
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  11. Why do you miss homework?
  12. It's hard to explain.