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  1. So I was digging in YouTube and I came across this one amazing channel and just wanted to show it. It was an experiment was to see who would stop and help the child.The issue is not about him "not looking homeless enough" or "people thinking he's a scam." It's about how they don't even try to look and turn a blind eye so they can go about their days.

    Together we can make the world a BETTER place, rather if it is 1 person or 1 million.

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  2. I actually started crying at one point. :(
  3. this should make everyone feel how lucky some are, and the others who are not as lucky. us people could and can help people all around the world. to be treated all the same. thanks for this video.
  4. Hurferdurfer1 currently lives with me because he became homeless. Be the change you want to see right? It wasn't easy to get him here but now its apart of my normal life to see him in mah kitchen every morning eating my eggs xDDD
  5. Wait for real? Or are you joking?
  6. For real. Im not one to really joke about stuff like this.
  7. Social experiments tick me off. People who conduct social experiments are horrible people. Why? They are completely baseless.

    People turned a blind eye to the child? That's neat, and it means nothing. If, by some stretch, every single person who passed by was themselves in a bad situation, can you blame them? Maybe I'm a horrible person, but I would feed my family before feeding a homeless child. Worse still, if people did give him money to the detriment of themselves, they're now worse off because of a social experiment.

    You don't know the circumstances of those involved in the experiment. There is nothing gleaned from this, only that sometimes being an urchin isn't immensely profitable. That kid could have collected cans to feed his sister, he could have tried to mow lawns. There are so many better avenues to take. Society isn't terrible because it doesn't reward stupid behavior.
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  8. Well I guess you are right, but some of his other social experiments prove this wrong. He did a bullying one, a racial one, and mostly everyone turned a blind eye. Everyone in that place had little expensive bags and all and some of them laughed at the boy. I suggest you watch the bullying one and the one about the girl who was islamic. They didn't care.
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  9. This is the description of the video:

    I began this film with the intent of glorifying the goodness of society after watching the video shot in a European country where everyone gave Johannes a jacket when he was cold. I did not expect to capture so much lack of empathy. We shot all day, and came out with $2.10 which was all returned. The issue is not about him "not looking homeless enough" or "people thinking he's a scam." It's about how they don't even try to look and turn a blind eye so they can go about their days. Was it too much to stop for two seconds and ask him what was up? Where his parents were? Where his sister was sleeping? Nothing. And it was truly heartbreaking. We have the opportunity to help out and take it for granted while kids in other countries are dying and have no helping hand. Where is the love?
  10. This.
  11. Most bullies are people who don't want to be bullied themselves. It is natural human reaction to pick the winning team.

    I didn't watch and am morally opposed to the other videos. The bullying one really depends on your definition of "bullying." If you mean physical bullying, I'd say a good 80% of people would stand up for the person who is being assaulted. Am I being generous? No, not really. You'd be surprised how readily people help strangers who are being physically harmed. That's why it doesn't happen in public places, yeah?

    If it's verbal bullying or image board-style bullying, most people either wouldn't notice or they would think it's hilarious. If it persists, it's really the fault of the victim because he or she could easily extricate themselves from the situation. Is it wrong that people won't help someone who can help themselves? Maybe. People really don't assign a very high priority to words, because it is up to the individual to deal with them.

    As for "girl who was Islamic," do you mean stereotypical "I've never seen an actual Muslim" Islamic or actual Islamic? The difference is important. I don't know the circumstances surrounding this video because you phrased it incredibly nebulously. If someone was making fun of her Religion, she could probably find ground to sue them. Racism, surprisingly, isn't held in high regard by the people who have the ability to do something about it.

    Seriously, she could just send an email to a news program, get tons of publicity, and probably get a spot on a TV show for her trouble. People like watching fundamentalists, it's like a game to them. Still, if your social experiment is more racist than the people it is meant to target, you've done something wrong.
    Well, according to my brother who actually watched the video, he didn't look cold. In fact, he had more expensive clothes than I do.

    And, surprisingly, a homeless person who doesn't look homeless and doesn't have a sister who he wants to feed nearby... well, it's not convincing, to say the least. If he had an emaciated four-year-old child at his feet, I'm sure he'd get more people to buy in.

    Most adults aren't comfortable just talking to random kids for any reason, because they feel like creeps. It's true, and it's weird. $2.10 is far more than he asked for, so the social experiment proved all it needed to. That, and helping a kid in America doesn't help dying children in Honduras. Giving $100 to some guy who had his dog stolen does not help dying children in Ghana. Spending thousands of man hours making social experiments just because does not help dying children in Panama.

    These videos are so hypocritical that it makes me sick.
  12. Funny, you would be surprised. How can you be "morally opposed to the other videos" when you haven't even SEEN THEM.

    In the bullying video, it was physical. Only 2% actually came in and tried to help. The other watched or walked away, some making faces, letting the bullying continue.

    Watch these two videos, you will love them.

    EDIT: First video is verbally abuse, second video is physical.
  13. They are social experiments.

    Those are wrong. Intrinsically. Irrefutably.
    Especially ones that have no results other than "YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD."
  14. Wrong. Nonoonoonoonono. Watch AT LEAST one, thennnnn you can rage.
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  15. Watch them before you say something about the videos.

  16. Apparently with all your responses, I don't think you are a fan of "What Would You Do Scenario" TV shows.
  17. My brother watched the first one and explained it to me.

    Summary: Kid looked rich, comfortable and a lost dog is worth 100 starving children.

    also, cameras are not immersive. When things are being filmed, they are 83% less genuine. Especially to people who can see they are being filmed.

    And people who are being beat up generally look more beat up than people who are being beat up for a social experiment. People don't care about fake things. If the person was actually being beat up, that makes this social experiment far worse. With ends that don't even slightly justify the means. Additionally, nobody with empathy laughs at someone else being beat up in front of them. The fact that this might have been included destroys the video's credibility.
  18. You will never understand if you don't watch the video YOURSELF. :rolleyes:

    Since you have STILL not watched the video, let me explain what happens:

    fousey records himself with a friend. The friend has a hijabi on, fousey try's to act like he is hijabiphobic and starts making a scene, just like in the bullying video, however they are not BULLYING FOR REAL, just for video. Many people walk away, don't say anything, make faces, but only two people actually come to try and defend the girl who is wearing the hijabi.

    Also, this brings up a HUGE muslim issue. After 9/11, so much skeptical and racism was brought up to people. I am not muslim myself, but it is heart breaking.
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  19. I don't think you get it. Why are these videos even posted? Aren't we already aware of these situations? The base of these experiments is not to gather a response from the viewers against the people who had every ability to help the kid. Rather, the point is to get the viewers to respond how they would have helped.

    Take this for example, outside of the realm of experiments. I'll give you the real life version as a counter-argument to your views of how people are able to help others.
    Today I led and conducted a food collection in a food drive sponsored by the Boy Scouts. A month before today we had put fliers in people's doors to let them know that they can donate food and we will be the ones to pick it up from their door step on the given date.
    The results from today. . . ~350 items
    This is compared to ~1500 items from two years ago.

    What was the difference between now and then? It was not the economic state changing after two years, I can tell you that. The difference was location.

    We put the fliers in the "rich folk" neighborhood.

    Why? We figured that we would think exactly as you, that maybe the people we ask to donate can't afford to help the poor in addition to their own family. So instead we asked those who we could guarantee were well off financially.
    The results were less than 1 in 20 houses donated anything at all. . . I could excuse a few houses not having anything on the basis of me not being able to judge their situation, but the overall results are enough to change views of how people today treat the least of society.
    And you either, don't know the conditions of the people involved. Or of the poor for that matter. Some of them can't work. For some of the people in my area, the only meals they will be getting this week will be from the food pantry I ran the drive for.

    So from what I saw in the video and from just today, I have made an analysis. The response is not for us to hate on those who didn't help the kid; it is supposed to call an action response from us. This being, how are we going to act when confronted with this situation of deciding whether or not to help someone in need?

    Today is enough to change my resolve. I know I have every capability to help someone, anyone, out when they might need it. When in this situation, one should serve the needy for the sake of just trying to remove the bad situation they're in. The beggar might scamming, who knows. Your pocket change won't be very profitable to a scammer anyway. . . All your actions mean is that you at least tried to help, and gave a counter-cultural response to the situation of helping the poor.

    Edit: This was deserving of a lengthy post. These videos try to send a message, and mean nothing else. They are made for us and reflect what our situation is and what we see almost every day, when sometimes we don' even realize it.