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  1. Hello there everyone, this thread is made to help you become a better person,basically list 4 good and then 4 bad things about yourself

    let me begin...

    1.I try to help as much as i can
    2. i can do loooooong with out eatin or drinkin or tiolet breaks
    3.I m trushworthy
    4.i Love sharing my thing with others who need it better

    1.When im not having a good day, most of the mentioned above dont apply
    2.I m addicted to swearing, cursing (instance:shi(f)t)
    3.Being honest, i trust u guys so : i often use cigarettes, once a month
    4.I am lazy
  2. 1 I am me
    2 I am me
    3 I am me
    4 I am me.

    1 I am not apart of the heard.
    2 I am not apart of the heard.
    3 I am not apart of the heard.
    4 I am not apart of the heard.
  3. *Herd
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  4. And that is why I am not apart of the herd.
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  5. ....................
  6. Herd of horses that is...
    trololol xD Told you I am a brony but, I really don't show it. That s why it is a bad thing xD
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  7. Good:
    • I'm intelligent, articulate and calculative.
    • I am becoming a more charming and socially adept person. I feel like everything is within the palm of my hand, I feel in control.
    • Everything in my future is becoming more and more planned. I am developing strategies and roadmaps to achieve the goals I have in life.
    • I play on EMC.

    • I'm rather arrogant and narcissistic. My thinking centres around the means of maximising my own happiness and minimising and neutralising any problems or threats. Often, I find that I am willing to sacrifice the happiness of others for my own happiness.
    • I get in too many awkward moments, it's rather stressful, especially to recall them. Oh my god.
    • I'm unusual and obnoxious. My personality can be very blatant.
    • My political opinions are too radical.
  8. finally a proper reply, thank notch
  9. Fixed it for you.
  10. Well, here we go....
    • I'm told i'm really friendly in real life, I get on well with others if they are nice to me.
    • I have a good general knowledge of a lot of subjects (My most strong being I.T probably), which comes in really handy!
    • I am open to learning and speaking different languages, although I don't like welsh, I still know a bit and I love German to!
    • I often put other people before myself in some situations.
    • I doubt myself way too much, for example when I lock the door, I always doubt to myself its unlocked and when I go back to see, it's 99% of the time locked
    • I give up way too easy sometimes, if it's too hard I have no motivation to make me do it, unless it's something i'm really interested in of course.
    • When I get angry, I make bad decisions and often regret them in later life.
    • I can be socially awkward sometimes, people often call me shy and quiet.
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  11. How about learning hungarian? Also thats right, you ARE a good person
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  12. I would like to learn something like Hungarian, but I am pretty much limited to what I can learn, in my school you can only learn Welsh (compulsory), French and German (Oh and Spanish at the college, if you count that). I've never really liked french so I didn't take that and as much as I like learning them, I find them really hard too. I also don't have the time :(
  13. what should i say? its the thrid hardest language, and i have to pass grammar classes from it XD
  14. Good Stuff
    1. I have great grades comparing to my other classmates,
    2. I am a better gamer comparing to my other classmates,
    3. I often find better efficient routes comparing to my other classmates,
    4. I love potatoes.
    Bad Stuff
    1. I am very sensitive about my things, if my friends do something very minor I don't wish them to do to my stuff, I get a little angry.
    2. If I get angry, I often increase in that anger, and then I start getting angry at people who weren't in the problem.
    3. I'm too lazy.
    4. I'm very picky on eating foods. Often, when I wake up, I don't eat. Later in the day, after dinner, (because I have more options for dinner then brunch) we normally go out to practice golf, and I get very hungry at that point.
  15. Why not eat your potatoes?
  16. I believe my da knows a dialect of Hungarian.
    He claims to have 'learnt it off a boy from school'.
    Logically, there is a 95% chance this boy is an immigrant from Hungary or another place where the Hungarian language is spoken.
    But he hates immigrants, and basically everyone who doesn't identify as a British person or someone from Ulster.
    So the question is raised as to how he was able to associate with an immigrant long enough to learn an entire language from them, which continues to confuse me.
  17. Good:
    1. I like to think i'm friendly
    2. I'm not greedy
    3. I'm usually nice to others.
    4. I don't take offense easily.

    1. I'm outspoken, which usually causes trouble.
    2. I'm bad at forgiving people and trusting them again.
    3. I sometimes make bad decisions that I regret (because i'm so outspoken)
    4. My accent is near impossible to understand sometimes :(