The guidebook to infinite villagers

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  1. Have you wanted to get DC of emeralds? Not know how? Follow these basic steps for making an infinite paper villager.

    *Disclaimer: Stew is not responsible for any ruining of the economy, that is Aikar's job :)*

    1. Get a librarian villager
    2. Trade with it (if you get paper for emeralds egg it and try again)
    3. Keep trading until you get to the 8th trade, it that 8th trade is paper for emeralds you have an infinite paper villager.
    If you need other villagers IE glowstone, EXP bottles. It works the same just dont remember if the cap is 8 trades for them ;)
    Alot of people have asked me how to do this over the past few days, and I hope this works out as a kind of a how to.
    If you dont understand a word I said (which even I dont sometimes) refer to this youtube tutorial for more info. :) (the tutorial starts at the point where docm starts explaining it all.)
    If you dont feel like making your own, ask samsimx about his infinite villager service!
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  2. I think you forgot a step. The one about tearing your hair out while trying! Also be sure to have tons of emeralds to try and unlock trades.
  3. Yea... it takes some time, but you can make the money back easy.
  4. Gosh dang it ruining the economy :p