The Griefer Wars: Bobert's Story

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  1. Hello. my name is Bobert.
    you may know me from my profile pic and my anti-social awkward genius attitude.
    but this thread is much more serious.
    much more dangerous.
    full of fear, strife, and ruse, im sure you will enjoy.
    so sit back and be ready to scroll down. this story may be shocking to some.
    reader discretion is advised (dont worry that's for drama nothing is bad :p)
    original thread:
    Continued from OP:
    i finished the portals. they can't go through much but it will do. i can only go to the closest servers though. I got a forum PM saying that smp9 had a band of survivors. im heading there.
    back pain.
    sore joints.
    the wild. either pure hell or absolute beauty depending on how you look at it. but no place for a townie like me. already i know they sense me through the live map. i hurridly type in "/map hide" but i know it is too late.
    they locked on.
    they are coming.
    a pack of wolves against the orange dawn. Tnt primed. OP swords ready.
    and all i have is some leather armor and some cobblestone.
    I sprint towards the spawn. 200 blocks. 150. 100.
    i trip and fall.
    they laid down a trip wire.
    a trip wire rigged to tnt.
    searing hot pain. white light. darkness. then, suddenly, rebirth.
    i wake up on my friends lot. my aches have sores. my sores have aches.
    i rub my eyes. remember. get up.
    get up. UP!!
    then it hits me.
    i get out of bed and use my town teleporter to go to spawn.
    and i am greeted by friendly faces.
    but they frown as soon as they see my gas mask.
    i look like one of them.
    I take it off revealing my face.
    a grimy face of dirt and sweat. some blood.
    the residual effects of a previous life dried onto me like an old bandaid.
    and i see friends.
    *to be continued...
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  2. these 9ners are great but small in number. turns out they got disconnected from the network days ago when it all first happened. being furthest from 1 they quickly got shut down.
    we where stuck here. only 1 way out.
    we had to be kicked. then we could go to the other worlds. but we needed a mod.
    but the mods where at their home servers, with their pets, their beloved friends. even they had to stop sometime.
    so we turned to the hackers.
    convinced a younger one to kick us. he didnt know better, he thought that it literally was kicking.
    i feel sorry for that lad.
    we all joined in on skype.
    "here's the deal" i started out,
    when i was interrupted.
    "ey! who said you where in charge?" said one.
    "it should be me!" said another.
    a riot broke out. i slipped out the chat room and went to 4. i never had really been there before, so i was right next to spawn. right in the middle of the griefers.
    there was no chance i could escape this one.
    and now i am ashamed to say this but i had to.
    i acted like one of them.
    it was simple really. i just killed behind a bush and put on his armor. there was killing everywhere so he wouldnt really care who had done it.
    but i had killed. i really had.
    it was horrible.
    this was not the PvP that everyone loved.
    this was murder. in cold blood.
    a child. ron was his name.
    and i swear i saw him crying in the chat before it was drowned with profanities.
    and i shivered. i moved onward.
    i was just a few lots away. i saw the resistance loading in the distance.
    and i was shot in the arm.
    i took off my armor but it didnt help.
    i took off my mask and it didnt help.
    i got on my knees with my arms behind my head.
    they stopped.
    they waited to see what i was going to do.
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  3. and then, i vanished. by my choice.
    efficiency four shovel. a gift from Ron.
    but it was a mistake. they started up their auto cannons. i quickly dug my way towards their base and covered my tracks. i crouched the whole time. then i yelled "im not one of them!"
    "prove it!" a voice yelled back.
    i broke a block. i stacked up.
    i stood there.
    they stood there.
    we all stared at each other.
    they didnt shoot.
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  4. im like a giddy school girl waiting for more
  5. if you could wirte this in a book i would buy it
  6. Doing that with mine. :)
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  7. oh i will.
    there where 28 of them total.
    some young, some old, men, women, boys, girls.
    all wanting to live.
    and 1 moderator. he didnt want to be named though. i asked and he did. he kicked me. i never wanted to be in a resistance so cautious.
    so i went to smp3. the heart of the fight.
    and i was quickly seen by legit.
    "and what rank am I?" i asked.
    "A Freak," he replied, with a tone colder than stone.
    "Gee thanks. what do i do?"
    "you go behind enemy lines wearing similar to what you are now. you go in disguised as one of them. when you are alone with one, you need to inject them with this syringe. its a virus. it kills them, bans them, and deletes their game. no getting back from that i 'spose."
    "that's it?"
    "one last thing. we need to inject you too. a small dose. if they even get a hold of this syringe they can kill you too, so we need to make you immune. hold still. "
    then he stabbed me in the arm. data flew in and out my body.
    i slumped onto legit, then tumbled to the floor.
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  8. Continue, please.
  9. right forgot about this :p
    i will when i have a chance, but seeing as how much homework im getting...
    it might be a 2 sentence update :p
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  11. well jeez!
    I woke up where i was before. everyone was still fighting.
    it was night. my arms were sore. my eyes burned.
    but my mind was alive.
    buzzing data flying through my head, bulging out to think out of the box.
    and I was instantly compelled to defend, to kill, to hunt the griefers.
    i rushed towards the barricade, pulled down my gas mask, closed my trench coat, and grabbed a bandoleer of the virus from the wall.i leapt up onto the wall, pulled on some black leather gloves and held the first syringe. upon contact my body started shivering, my arms and legs quaking under the lathality of the virus. i felt it's potency seeping through the tip.
    heard the drip of a small drop hitting the head of a griefer.
    hearing his hair burn.
    hearing his screams echo through my dark skull.
    feeling the grin wash over my masked, emotionless face.
    the joy.
    the feeling of accomplishment.
    I was a monster.

    I leapt over the wall. i was swarmed by the griefers. I didnt care. i had a syringe. i knew now how potent it was. I didnt even take the time to stab them, spraying the liquid death over the crowd. some fell, crumpled in pain, some blipped out of existence. some even burnt and made a deep blue light as they burned.
    chills ran through my body. my neck twitched.
    i had an idea.
    i grabbed a bow and a few arrows.
    they never knew what was gonna hit them.
  12. So you say you're a spy...