The Greatest Mystery

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ElfinCarrot, May 31, 2016.

  1. This is potentially the most puzzling thing I've ever encountered on EMC.

    So, I was going through my chests in Underhelm (a really cool settlement I am totally not shamelessly advertising right now) when I discovered that there were two Voter's Hoes in one of them. One of them belonged to me, the other belonged to a player I've never met before: RankX. I've since returned it to the guy, but keep in mind all of this:
    • I've never met the person once on EMC
    • I've never seen the hoe before, nor can anymore merely drop it in my inventory due to the fact that it's soulbound
    • I've never purchased any Voter's Items on EMC, much less been given one for free
    • This same chest has been locked since I placed it down, and at no point was this lock removed
    • Only, at most, 50 people not including staff know of the settlement's location
    • (do not quote me on this) There haven't been any reports of a missing hoe by this person
    • I rarely leave SMP2 besides events.
    Overall, pretty weird. Resolved mind you, but still extremely weird. What are your guy's thoughts or theories to this? Is it a 1.9 glitch?
  2. I blame the Illuminati.
  3. Peculiar
  4. The case of mysterious hoe.