The Great Diamond Giveaway!

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  1. SMP7

    RES 15385

    Tonight at a time to be confirmed there will be the biggest (Hopefully?) Diamond Giveaway that EMC has ever seen!

    397 Diamond blocks will be placed around an empty lot and the lot will be open to all takers to come in and smash the blocks to claim the Diamonds.

    Stand by for more information, or visit the lot to see the cubes being placed!
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  2. I cant wait plz tell me a time
  3. At the cost of their souls?
  4. Sounds Epic...
  5. OMG!! What time?
  6. Some Epic pictures of the giveaway!!! We are eager!
    2012-06-22_22.46.44.png 2012-06-22_22.47.05.png 2012-06-22_22.46.28.png 2012-06-22_22.47.10.png 2012-06-22_22.47.12.png 2012-06-22_22.47.13.png 2012-06-22_22.47.17.png 2012-06-22_22.47.29.png 2012-06-22_22.47.33.png
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  7. PLease let me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. start it now!!!
  9. Event starts in 20 minutes.
    Rule 1: Don't use jump glitches
    Rule 2: Don't ask when is it starting
    Rule 3: Have fun :D
    Make sure you have lots of dirt!
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  11. thanks a lot icc and kilmannan!!!
  12. Thanks alot kilmannan, and thanks for serving in our military.
  13. why didnt you update the main post.
  14. I'm hoping there are some more pictures from before it started because I was too busy falling from the sky to take any :p. I do, however, have a few from after it started:

    Everyone jumped in this hole that was filled with villagers and water afterwards. See if you can make out any names ;)
    I know I had fun! Thanks to kilmannan for hosting this event!
  15. This was awesome! Thanks kilmannan!

    Afterwards, I claimed the res once kilmannan had unclaimed it and ICC started screwing around (as usual, am i right?) and made a huge jungle tree and put diamond blocks in our dirt text. He also put saplings and flowers and tall grass on everything. Chascarrillo, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx and I made words saying: "CHASCARILLO", "PLATYPUS364", "TWICECREAM", and "ICECREAMCOW'D".

    EDIT: Well, actually Chas made text saying "FTW ICECREAM" and "ICECREAMCOW :)"
    I got rid of the F on the first one and changed :) to a D and an apostrophe :p

    ^: VIEW from the infinite grasslands that are the edge of town.
  16. Argh cant believe i missed this! I was at basketball camp for 9 hours....
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  17. Lol, I just left to smp4 after you took a screen. I remembered all the villagers.
  18. 0.o ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I missed it AHHHHHHHHHHH!
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