The Great 666 Site Post GIVEAWAY!

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  1. Hi there, as a Slipknot fan , the 666 is in some songs like the Heretric Anthem and other songs. So that remember me that i have in this moment, in this post, 666 site posts.

    To enter ask me a question, and post the number you want, plz do not say "any number plz :D", no and no!
    The draw will be made when all the places are filled. There are 1-30 places. Or I will anounce the winner 27/08/13.

    Prices :

    1st. 666 Lapiz lazuli

    2nd. 666 Iron Ingots

    3rd. 666 Red stone dust

    1. Defluxer
    2. highlancer54
    3. deathconn
    4. slash14459
    5. Equinox_Boss
    6. Dj__Krazy
    7. Choongjae
    8. Sweetie_Pea
    9. Panda_Paradise
    10. jtc0999
    11. Electrobomb
    12. oO_Jetfire_Oo
    13. xI_Like_A_Pigx
    14. xHaro_Der
    15. WolfThunderblade
    16. DragonFlame356
    17. iCurtis23
    18. runtaylorun1
    19. Moving_Target32
    20. Jake_bagby
    21. cddm95ace
    22. cutejuliew
    23. Qwerty189
    24. RevampedMadness
    25. Kev20022
    26. NetherWorld666
    27. goofballbroker
    28. hashhog3000
    29. creepybanana1000
    30. TheMinner333

    Good luck.
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  2. 21 please, congratulations :)
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  3. Need a question for entering
  4. Number 3 my good friend :D

    Why heavy metal?
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  5. Oh, my bad. How did you get your username?
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  6. 12 please :)

    whats your fav colour?
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  7. Because i love to hear all that scream and all that energy of rage all the time :D

    I want to be a general when i turn older, and felino is my real name, and 015 is a school stuff.
  8. Red, and Back, and Purple :D
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  9. 7, thanks!
    Do you like potatoes? I swear if you say no..
    I don't really keep track of who I ask the questions, so if you already answered that, here's the alternative. (Don't answer this if you haven't answered question 1.)
    Do you like pies? (DO NOT SAY YES THOUGH I SWEAR IF YOU SAY YES...)
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  10. I'll take 10
    Do you know what 666 means? :eek:
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  11. OK, here is my first post, ever!
    #2, and my question is
    What is your favorite MC item? (animal, block, mob, etc...)
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  12. 25 Please :)
    What is your favorite ore?
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  13. ill take 17
    What is your favourite horse type?
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  14. Ok what?

    Yes i konw, I read the bible, and also i am atheist.

    also check this out :D

    Dirt :D
  15. Iron, because you get it anywhere :D

    Need a question
  16. Ha!, for some strange reason im not sureI believe ya! Thanks!
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  17. 26. Any other genres of music?
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  18. Don't know anything about horses :D
  19. Good question: Blues (BB King), Rock ( Led Zeppelin), etc. Also i love your name :D
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