The Grand Opening of the SMP2 Clubhouse

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by ElfinCarrot, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Hey guys so it's your good ol' pal SonicFury74 from SMP2 and I have a pretty big announcement. Later today or tomorrow we will be launching the grand opening of the SMP2 Clubhouse. What is this clubhouse, little Timmy over there in the corner might ask? Well the SMP2 Clubhouse is a general hub or hideout for people on SMP2 and has multiple utilities such as: A Drop Party Room, A Public Enchant Room, a Bouncy Castle, a Swimming Pool, a room full of teleports to other Residences, and the SMP2 Bazaar, a store run and stocked by multiple people, including myself. If you haven't already, anyone with a res on SMP2 can open up their own set of store chests, two at max. You can also have a teleport set up to your res and have your head placed on the wall. Keep in mind that there is limited space untill I expand the place As for all you non SMP2 players, the grand opening will be featuring a DROP PARTAY with all of my own little surprises thrown in. See yall on the flip side, woot
  2. fun... I will try to make it