The Good Samaritan Society

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  1. If there is one thing that makes this server stick out, it is the wonderful community we have. Everyone is kind, charitable, and always happy to lend a helping hand. I had an idea when I first joined the forums which I have been building up for a while now. The idea is pretty much charitable capitalism or a charitable monopoly (that doesn't sound good probably but remember the word "charitable"). This society will be sort of like a non-profit bank (don't say "banks aren't allowed" since it is only giving with no loans and no aim for profit). We give out money for good causes. Things like contests, community project, etc. People can donate to the society or can donate to a project themselves and get a personal shout out from us. If you donate to us please let me know via PM or on the thread.

    • Olaf_C
    • Samsimx
    • Chizmaro
    • generalfelino015

    Feel free to donate anything. It can be items or rupees of any amounts.
    • The Good Samaritan Award: 600000r
    • The Melon Project: 70000r
    • The Block by Block Contest: 85000r
    • The Hall of Crafting: 30000r (10k plus 2 beacons)
    • Look What IcC did Events: 50000r-70000r worth of items

    • Olaf_C: 450000r-500000r (All Projects)
    • Deathtomb8593: 50000r (Good Samaritan 1)
    • 5weety: 20000r (Good Samaritan 1)
    • Terrydaterrorist: 120000r (Good Samaritan 2.0)
    • xXvexenXx: 40000r (Good Samaritan 1)
    • Samsimx: 40000r (Good Samaritan 2.0)
    • _Stads_: 10000r (Good Samaritan 2.0)
    • Highlancer54: 20000r (Good Samaritan 2.0)
    • Amusedstew: 20000r (All Projects)
    • generalfelino015: 10000r (Good Samaritan 2.0)

    The Good Samaritan Award is a contest hosted by myself to reward those who do good in the community. The contest is under planning and almost at full funding.

    If you want to become a member please fill out the application below. Membership means you are willing to donate either a small or large amount of money. You will also receive a weekly news letter with volunteer information and contests to donate to.
    Why you want to become a member:
    How much you are willing to donate:
    Do you want to receive the newsletter:

    If you want to have your own competition or community project and need help with money? Ask us for help. Fill out the application below by PRIVATE MESSAGE

    Project Name:
    Description of Project:
    Who's Involved:
    Why we Should Support You:
    Amount Needed:
    Just because you fill out an application doesn't mean you get funding.

  2. Why: sounds fun
    How much: is this weekly? Or per project?
    Newsletter? Sure
  3. Thanks for applying. Donate whatever you feel like. you have already donated a lot.
  4. Why you want to become a member: I don't use my money expect to buy auctions, and I want to know my money is being put to good use. Also as you know I own a Charity Company which if you want can help with this society, and we can actually help eachother for the same cause.
    How much you are willing to donate: I'll donate when I can but I'll be donating items, money, anything extra I can whenever I can
    Do you want to receive the newsletter: Yes!
  5. still confused, when do we actually donate haha?
  6. Well since sam was such a meanie an just had to beat me to 1mil I guess I can send some money your way....
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  7. Well, you just have to send some money to be a participant in the society. You have already donated a bunch to the good samartian award so you don't have to donate more.
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  8. Why you want to become a member: Becasue i like this idea
    How much you are willing to donate: 10k, more in the future
    Do you want to receive the newsletter: Sure :D.
  9. Also, i just donated 10k for your contest :D.
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  10. thanks :D.
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  11. Bump. Currently drafting the weekly news letter.
  12. Great! :) I don't know if I can donate that much though, sorry
  13. Well,I need quite a bit of rupees to start making my outpost.
    If this would be okay,I would need about 10-20K.
  14. Well, we really don't donate to things like that, sorry.
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  15. I might join this, seems pretty cool of you to do Olaf :p
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  16. I am such an idiot! I forgot about the most important part of the thread! I knew something is missing. Added an application to get funding for a project.
  17. Uh... The spoilers are a bit weird
  18. Why you want to become a member:I just don't have anything to do on EMC anymore
    How much you are willing to donate:As much as needed
    Do you want to receive the newsletter:Sure, why not?
  19. Temporarily closed until we find out what changes there will be until the economy changes.