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  1. The Good Samaritan Award 2.0


    NOTICE: COMPETITION DELAYED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE In the year 2013, I started a competition to reward and acknowledge those who make the empire community so great. The previous Good Samaritan Award became one of the most successful contests on EMC. With the extreme success of last years award, I decided to make the award an annual competition, to encourage community involvement and kindness when playing on the empire. Through a rough process of trial and error, getting donations, planning, and regaining everything after an unfortunate ban, I am happily to say that I am ready for a new GSA, which will be the best one yet. The contest will consist of three parts, with different prizes for each part. Part one will consist of spies, who are sent out to scout potential nominees for the award. Part two will consist of voting for nominees that spies pick, who then become finalists and win a minor prize. Part three will be myself judging over finalists from part 2, who will then win the grand prize.

    For more exact details about the contest, please read the spoilers below. It is all important informaiton.

    Part 1:
    Part one will consist of spies. These spies have the job to seek out nominees on the forums, in game, and Mumble. They are given instructions and requirements to make sure they find the right people. After searching around for one month, I will post a google form with options to vote for one person per server. Before the month is up, you can feel free to pm me a recommendation
    Part 2:
    Part two is where you have voice. After nominees are posted, you have the opportunity to vote for them. Nominees are posted on a google form, which you then select who you want. You can vote for one person on every server, or you can vote for just one person on one server. A name is required to make sure nobody votes over and over again, but voting information is not shared. After one week of voting, the winner receives one 2012 empire firework (valued at 32,000r).
    Part 3:
    Part three is the final round. The choosing of the greatest samaritan on the empire involves more spying and more research by myself. After finding the person who best matches the criteria, they will then win the award. The current prize is 320,000r
    If you feel that there is someone who really deserves this award, recommend them as a potential Good Samaritan! Any member besides admins and senior staff may qualify for a recommendation. Mods, normal members, contributors, youtubers, and developers are allowed to be canidates. Name is required to make sure the same person does not recommend someone several times. A gform will be posted in the second reply.
    At the moment, I have an acceptable number of spies, but I am somewhat short. If you want to apply, please see the application in the second reply. Please note that if you get in, you are not likely to get your home server assigned. More info will be given about your job if you are chosen :).
    Donations are always greatly appreciated. Rupee donations can be sent to either Olaf_C or IceCreamHorse. Rupee donations can be of any amount. I am currently keeping donations anonymous this year for personal reasons. I am giving thanks to one member though, who payed for 1/4 of the award. Promo's or anything that can be mailed with value of at least 8000r (beacons, several wither skulls, stack or more of diamonds or other gems, etc) can be send to Olaf_C or IceCreamHorse. To donate a DC of an object, SC, or anything else, please PM me with what it is, and I will take it or say "thank you, but no. I am okay".

    Part 1: Public shout out
    Part 2: (9) 2012 Empire Firework and 5,00r for one person on each server
    Part 3: 325,000r
    More prizes to come with donations!

    Part 1: July 1st to July 31st
    Part 2: August 1st to 7th
    Part 3: August 8th to 14th
    As many of you know, I was formerly banned for protest against staff and some rude behavior. What I did was unjustified, and was not the Olaf I am now, and was formerly. I made a mistake which cost me the best year of my life, but I am still the same person. You can trust me.
    Shout out to TerryDaTerrorist, for donating 150,000r! If it was not for you, this award would have never happened. Thank you also to every other donator and those who bought my head :).
    You may not do the following:
    • use alts to recommend yourself
    • bribe people to recommend yourself
    • bribe spy or myself (if you find out who the spies are)
    Rules are pretty basic and easy to follow. Please take them to heart.

    To see the original thread for the first GSA, please check here.
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  2. Event delayed until further notice. I hope to find more spies and find a better time.
    Recommend players here:

    Apply to become a spy here:
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  3. Fixed your spoilers for you :)
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  4. Thank you, alex!
  5. Man hope i win this year!
  6. This is actually really cool!
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  7. I am glad you like it. A lot of time and effort was put into it.
    Best of luck :p
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  8. Looks good! Good luck to everyone! :D
  9. Quick question: If you applied to be a spy before, do you have to re-apply? Just to clarify for some folks
  10. Wonder where you got the fireworks xD

    Suggestion - Maybe add a 2 week break between parts. Some people might try to be 'super nice' during the actual dates so if you add a break period you might be able to find out what they're really like.
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  11. No. I had that policy, but then i revoked it.
  12. I would, but I want to get this done before I get back to school.
  13. Makes sense.
  14. Late night bump. I have one new spy and a few spies said they could do it after all, so I am doing somewhat better. Spies are still being accepted, though.
  15. Hoping for a win should not be your thinking! Earning, and proving it is the key. I won last time without even knowing. I have been doing the same thing as usual, and was awarded it without a clue!

    It's not the money or anything like that, that I cared for... The community, and the people around are those who you should be helped when needed.
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  17. Bump. I just recieved a 50,000r donation! I also have plans for a secret post award surprise for all nominees. Spying starts in 29 hours!
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  18. Spying is now starting. Remember, be nice because you want to be nice, not because you want to win the prize money. It is pretty easy to tell the difference.
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