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Do you watch Futurama?

yes 9 vote(s) 56.3%
no 7 vote(s) 43.8%
  1. Hello people of Empire Minecraft.
    Today I bring you..... THE FUTURAMA MINI MALL!!!
    If you don't know what futurama is, its an awesome show thats really coolios.
    My mini malls theme is Futurama so floors will be called Bender and Amy Wong and you know. Im making more pixel art and floors but im maybe almost close to half way done. In under a week!
    But no, this is not just another mall, I had a little shop inspired by my old 3660 shop, it was random items that you could buy and there was 2 floors. It was really cool looking and pretty awesome. But the thing was, Everything was super, duper, super, CHEAP! I had people such as JennyPoo10 buy every last thing in the store. Diamonds were at 50r and you could buy stuff like 10 gun powder for 4 rupees! Iron for 2r each! Gold ore for 4r each! And much more :D
    I needed a lot more space and more items to sell so I started with an idea to make a mini mall that will sell mostly every single item. (If this thing works out then Ill sell stuff like beacons and Promos, but for now im not rich so yeah...)
    The mall is going to be the cheapest store on the whole of EMC! My old little shop was so why not go big?
    The res number is 4040.
    The store is not done but if you sell me Oak logs and glass and wool, I will be able to finish it faster :D
    So yeah.
    Futurama on!
  2. Also it should be done at least a week from now.
  3. bender's last name is rodriguez btw
  4. I will totally donate. :)
  5. Great!
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  6. Well, I did go to 4040, check your rupee balance for my donation
  7. Wow! thanks a ton, very generous :)
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