The funny video thread! (Inspired by The funny pic thread)

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  1. A while back, we had a funny picture thread, but some pictures took too long to load and the thread is 33+ pages now... But... this isn't a picture thread. This thread is for funny videos you have found on the interwebs! Please, nothing offensive/cursing (unless YOU PUT A WARNING) anywho, enjoy the vids! (If your video contains language, please put a warning next to it warning not to watch. Thanks and enjoy the vids! :)
    <--- Voldemort Laughing (10 Hours)
    <--- SUPER Awkward Voldemort Deleted Hugging Scene
    WARNING: Has a LOT of bad words..... when I say alot.... I mean ALOT!
    Just a few to start you guys off.
    Hopefully there will be a lot of this:
    If this thread fails, enjoy these three. Might add more if this thread fails. :)
  2. ANY SINGELE SMOSH video is FUNNY chose anything and you will laugh EDIT: MILD LANGUEAGE
  3. LOL at iPhone 5 apps:
    Angry Birds - Overrated
    Facebook - Stalking
    Instagram - HipsterCam
    DrawSomething - Old News
    Notes - Yellow Paper
    Photos - Flowers
    tumblr - Dumb GFs
    Twitter - Twatter
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  4. Look at the service provider later on in the video
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  5. You ever watch Ukinojoe? He's funny.

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  6. Funny Moments
    0:39 Top Left... :3
    1:20 Obviously not an iPhone too thin...
    2:30 LOL
  7. Oh, wait, I have another by Unkinojoe:
  8. prepare to gaze ur eyes upon this....
  9. if you wached avatar the last air bender you'll love this and if you dident you'll love this

  10. Lol keep posting funny videos guys!
  11. i dont wanna post every smosh, ianh, or shutupcartoons video :(
  12. Eddsworld is really good too:

  13. Ok this next video does contain swearing but is only one word that has many different meanings so if anyone is offended just tell me and ill remove the video. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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  14. This next video has s*** at the end. You have been warned:
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  15. This makes me laugh until I cry every time I see it.

  16. Just a few from my favourites list....
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