The Founders.....

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  1. Lizards. Listen to the chin, he knows what he is saying
  2. the real founder is JustinGuy
  3. You party pooper, you. :p
  4. You don't know? He was a lizard!
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  5. Krysyy is technically a lizard.
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  6. She's not a founder though. :p
  7. Yeah, she just runs it. :p
  8. acutely Alikar runs it
  9. Um, Ok. Hey, some other thread to entertain me rather than boring auctions. *likes* :p
  10. Lizards came from eggs.
    Chickens lay eggs.
    Chickeneer is the true founder!
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  11. Justin who?
  12. Guy. JustinGuy.

    But I don't think we can deny what chin said.
  13. "were the lizard"...

    You know better than that Chin. :p
  14. I found things all the time. Just yesterday I found my keys, for example.
  15. no one here is a lizard, and we can all prove it