The Fancy Hotel on smp8

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  1. I'm making a hotel at my residence (#16097), and it's been difficult to build lately. I'm about out of things I need to build it. There are also donation shops in front of the hotel.

    NOTE: If you want to donate rupees, please donate at least 500.

    Total number of materials for the two buildings:
    - 607 iron blocks (Currently: About 300, all used, need the rest)
    - 8 quartz pillars (Currently: All used, none needed)
    - 788 white wool (Currently: About 390 used, the rest are needed)
    - 876 glass blocks (Currently: About 400 used, the rest are needed)
    - 45 glowstone (I've got these covered, so I don't need any)
    - 627 block of quartz (I have zero of these total in my hands and in the hotel; needed)
    - 1668 stone slabs (About 800 used, 800 needed)

    Here are some pictures to show compare the current version to the finished product:



    Finished: (Click here; the file is too large to upload)

    Donation chests are set out and if you donate, your name will be listed on the donations list inside the building (Plus what you donated and how many)

    ^^I will check my rupee history^^

  2. The donation shop has been updated. :)
  3. I guess nobody wants to donate..