The facepalm thread

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  1. Hey guys! Saj here back with my 2500th post! :) Today I'm starting this thread about facepalms.
    As shown -

    Anyway, this thread is all about posting fails (in video and picture form) that are truly IRL facepalm worthy. You may also post funny facepalm pictures as well (like ones above). Most of all, make sure to have fun and abide by the EMC guidelines! (Info: If this thread has been done before, please notify in the comments) (If it has been done, please post a link to the thread and if it is an exact copy of what I am doing, I will ask a moderator to lock this thread) Thanks! Have fun and lols! :) - Saj
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  2. Err... I lost my life savings on emc because of a door I forgot about (Hopefully I can get a legit refund from person :)
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  3. Wow. Here you go
  4. image.jpg
    Fail for the Iranian government.....
  5. Off topic -
    That sucks. When did this happen?
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  6. When I came online...
  7. Obviously.... I said when specifically? Date?
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  8. today. I do believe he used an enderperl glitch to get in that lets you go through glass and that in my opinion is exploit
  9. :/ It is. That's a bummer
    On topic -
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  10. Also I have an expensive bike and the back wheel buckled doing what it was designed to do -_-
  11. Also my freind told me his 2008 iMac @ 1.9GH/z was better than my 2012 macbook pro @3.6GH/z (Turbo bost max) He said he had a 4.0 i7 XD
  12. This is exploit, pm a mod and they will hopefully return the money and/or ban the member.
  13. This happen earlier today on smp8
    Player: Wait! When did nether brick slabs come out
    Me: It was introduce 1.4.6 but overshadow by newer items
    Player: No, There hasn't been new update and wasn't listed last one
    Me: Yea the last update was 1.4.6
    Player: I think the put it in 1.4.5
    Me: No, I been waiting for this slab since slabs were introduce to MC
    Player: Well I think your wrong they introduce in 1.4.6 not 1.4.5
    Me: No, I was the one that said 1.4.6
    Player: well I'm right *signs off
    Me: *facepalm
  14. I hate people like that