The Evolution of the Empire

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Without an obvious place to post this, I chose here, and I hope to get many reads.

    Those of you who are fortunate enough to be reading this, are already invested in the Empire experience. Please feel free to encourage others to share/express their concepts in the Empire Formus. The influx of new players continues to expand, which is the very basic goal of owning a Server, and I wanted to take this opportunity to speak to those who are responsible for such a task.

    In my 1300+ days of being a subject of the Empire, it occurred to me, very recently, how special this Server truly is. With a full shop up and running constantly, the concept of money (rupees) was something that I never was concerned with. From my very, very, very early days here, I was always under the mindset that there isn't anything that I could not acquire without a bit of effort. As my play time continued, I opened my Shop as a means of aleviating the lack of storage space for trivial items that I did not use regularly. Later, it became more of a task-oriented mind-set, as I found players visiting me for supplies. I joke that my formula in a successful Shop is Laziness + Supply = Rupees.

    As my time here has progressed, the ownership of a Shop has certainly kept me busy ... in the realm of "What should I do today?" . The game itself has a few aspects that any self-starter can choose daily the answer to that question. In a Mulit-Player setting, the Empire continues to set the bar exceptionally high, and has (in my opinion) evolved in an ever-changing Server market to remain competative. While it does not appeal to the PvP'ers of the world (of which I am not a Fan), it also has managed to cater to a select group of players who respect the Environment they have chosen to be a part of, where longevity is the rule ...not the exception. To be able to Build in the Wild without the possiblity of reset is rare, and the subtle nuances that the Empire brings to the table is, by far, the reason it continues to survive. To me, that is only one of the many reasons the Empire is where it is today.

    So, without encroaching into the realm of a short Novel, my reason for this post. The lastest celebration - the Empire membership milestone - and the special Promo's available associated with that, is what prompted my thought. As I spent a part of my playing time in the Server Shop, spending 600k+ Rupees on those Promo items available, it occurred to me how special the people who run, design, plan and measure the results of this Server truly are. Some may not realize it, but it is these people who truly deserve the recognition of "keeping it fresh" in the way they do ....and MORE importantly, continue to do so at a very high level !

    At the very basic level, sitting on 600k Rupees did nothing for me. To some, that is a HUGE amount. To others here, nothing. I have never "cracked" the 1M mark ... nor is it a goal of mine. BUT, while spending it that day, the concept of "balancing the Economy" became real for me ... and I believe it is a part of the Master Design, which really gave me an "Oh WOW !" moment ... hence this post.

    These people, as described above, are real people ... with Jobs, School, Laundry, Food Shopping, Bills to pay and Pets/Children to care for ....among the many other things that the day-to-day may bring. To work together in a common effort, as the Empire has continued to do, is truly rare ....IN FACT, it's as rare as the very product they present ... and I don't think many of you truly realize how special that is. The custom Mobs, the Promo items seasonally, the Waste vs. the Wild ... are visible on the Surface, but the behind-the-scenes stuff is where this group of people truly are special.

    So, after reflection, I was compelled to write this to say "Thank You" to those who give of their "free time" (after all, time really isn't it?) for providing me (us) with a product that ... well could describe it in many ways ... I think I'll choose .....AWESOME !!!! Please continue to keep up the excellant work !!

  2. Just spent 5 minutes reading it.

    Very well said, if I read it right :confused:.
  3. Late reaction, but I've been reading your post for a few times now and yah... I can so much relate to it.

    So much this, I'm really happy to see another one who obviously sees rupees as a means and not specifically a goal. And you're fully right of course: the Empire is an exceptional server to play on. An exceptional server which promotes an exceptional game :)

    But yeah, I just wanted to chime in a bit here. I too never hit the 1M mark, I also managed to get to 700 or 800k at some point (mainly because I won some events). Right now I'm sitting at 20k or something (climbed up from literally having 200r after I bought some 100k promos) and yeah... I'm having the same amount of fun which I had when I had 800k, maybe even more so.

    EMC is by far the best server I played on. Almost been here for 1 year now and I'm really looking forward to the next.
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  4. It's funny, tomorrow will be my 1 year that I've been here and I too started out with goals of a certain amount of rupees (once I realized that was a thing here :p). I realized that with some hard work they will come easily. I've been fortunate to be able to buy/acquire some great EMC treasures but I feel now it's not as important to have as many rupees as possible. I still bust my butt to make money but it's not the reason for being here anymore. It's more rewarding to help other out be it donations for events/project or giveaways, etc.

    Is EMC the best server out there? I have no idea. This is the only one I've been on and have no plans on figuring out the answer to that question. :)
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  5. Did Moose put you up to this ? =P
    (references pile of laundry that's been on the couch for almost 2 months because we are both too stubborn to give in and do it when the other one isn't helping)
    (second reference to one two months of no grocery shopping because we're too lazy and fast food is easier than braving the lines at HEB)

    On a more serious note,
    Thank you for your kind words. Our staff strives to be the absolute best that they can be and it means a lot when people take time to notice the background actions they do. We do it all for you guys =)