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Do you like living in Wilderness?

Yes!!! 56 vote(s) 49.1%
A little 32 vote(s) 28.1%
I don't know 11 vote(s) 9.6%
Nah... 9 vote(s) 7.9%
IT SUCKS 6 vote(s) 5.3%
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  1. also are we starting now or are we waiting till the server is on minecraft 1.2
  2. We are waiting for 1.2 ;)
  3. Hmm.. sad... when I made this thread I quickly got you post to join TES, but now we don't get any more :(
  4. note most griefers also use hacks which let them see through walls, and can see the chest hidden in walls...

    You need to lock them if valuable.

    I had some chest hidden in a base, and the base was also hidden with a closed over door. Someone used XRay and dug in all the right spots to get in and steal :(
  5. thats true :p
  6. I wish we could get more posts here :(
  7. Thc Alex for making me the Co-Leader of the Gang. Thx alot mate!!!!
  8. should we av our own quarters, like our own rooms. so we do not get mixed up.
  9. 1) How long been playing MC? Two Half Years.
    2) How long a Empire Member? 1Month.
    3) Best job is? Miner.
    4) Which job do I want? Miner.
    5) Will I make the Group grow stronger? Yes I will.
    6) Which server mostly on? SMP3.
  10. 1: Since alpha v1.0.14
    2: Since 8th February 2012
    4: No
    5: Advertising
  11. Djoz and Soul, I don't even have to check u, I know I can completely trust you.

    Say hi to the new Co-leaders, everyone! :D
  12. Alex im banned for 5 days so if 1.2comes out ill have to wait...
  13. Ok Brennian :)

    Btw, why did you get banned?
  14. 1: 1.1 (2 weeks ago)
    2: 1 week and a half
    5: Yes I will!
  15. So we are capable of being on 2 servers cause im on a bog project on smp1 and i can live in both? not that im joining or anything just thought its a good question.i usully just do my shop and projects on smp 1 so yeah...
  16. Im banned til saturday too because i had a bad attitude. I didn't understand this because its unfair everyone was undercutting my prices to make a buck. I can still tlk on the forums

    EDIT: Why do the newcomers (not djozane, but soul) get to become co leaders when brenian and me are far more experienced?
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  17. hai new co-leaders :)
  18. Ya, why?...
    Banned for duplicating glitch on smp6
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