The Endless* Hunt [300k+ in promos] [RACE/CONTEST]

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  1. Event Description: Want 300k+ in promos? The Endless Hunt can sate that need. You'll be running through parkour, stupid quizzes, bowling, mazes, timed challenges, and more! Note that all challenges, unfortunately, are hardcore. Should you fail on any challenge (any!) you go all the way back to the start of the event (unless you found a checkpoint, in which case you go back to that). The Winner's Room is just another room with a chest in it, so more than one person can win (of course, the first person will probably take all the loot).

    Share Tokens: Share Tokens can be found scattered around the courses and can be redeemed to me for a much-needed hint. As well, at the end they can be redeemed for a special surprise.

    Event Time/Date: 2PM EST May 30th (

    Event Location: SMP1 - Res 2345 (move is off so I can build)

    Prizes: A whole lot.
    1 Ore Buster
    4 Cupid Bows
    5 Lucky Bows
    2 Turkey Slicers
    1 Dragon Stone
    1 Dragon Fragment
    1 Rudolph
    2 Maxarian Heads
    1 Winner's Book (signed by salesman200, only one in existence)
    25 (or 26, I can't count) salesman200 heads (only 80 or so in existence)
    The ability to redeem all collected Share Tokens for a prize that's not a hint

    Donations: Should you wish to make any rupee donations (will NOT be given to the winner), please send them to salesman200. Should you wish to make any item donations (WILL be given to the winner, valuables only as there are limited slots), please mail them to salesman200 with a book and quill stating "For The Endless Hunt". Thank you!

    Other Notes: I'll be posting updates, screenshots, and more within this thread regularly.
  2. I'll try to win but this event is

  3. This is awesome sales! I will try to attend but as I only get home at 3:20 I probably won't make it but I hope everyone else who attends will have lots of fun =)
  4. Woo I think I can make this one (8PM for me), so I hope I'll see you tomorrow. :)
    Thanks for doing this! :)
  5. finnally a contest i can get to (mostly all the contests are in the worst times for me, like 00:00 )
    good luck to all people atending and may the best parcourder win :D
  6. Oooh.... fun. :)
  7. Added challenges:

    Difficult HARDCORE parkour
    Stupid questions HARDCORE quiz
    Field of HARDCORE pressure plates

    To add:
    Race against Time
    Fall There

    (hardcore much)
  8. Seems really cool. Can't wait to attend.
  9. Will try to make it! :D

  10. Picture of the first challenge (it's parkour in case you didn't guess).
  11. Bump! 4hrs to go! Who's coming?
    Here's a sneak peek at all the awesome challenges you'll be facing:

    Jump Puzzles
    Quiz (Short)
    Jump Puzzles 2
    Pressure Pad Maze
    Iron Bar Balance Beam
    Maze (TO BUILD)
    + more (TO BUILD)
  12. i am surlely comming, i just hope that i dont die in the wildernis right now :p
  13. Might be able to make it :)
  14. I might not be able to come... but awesome!
  15. I cant come move t back please just 3 hours =P
  16. Picture of the Maze. We're getting ready to launch in two hours!
  17. justa quick question, when will the res be open to join?
    you said that the res had the move flag on false, so when can we enter youre res?
    Ans i am very exited about this, hope the best player wins. :)
  18. What about Aspyre vouchers?
  19. One hour remains and the maze is finished.
  20. EDIT: My res is open now (but only as a preview).

    Those aren't Winner's Books :p This one has special text within.