The end?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Phelps4, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. I've looked a long time for the end portal on smp6 and can't find it. Anyone want to lend a hand ang give me coordinates please xD
  2. Did you try Eyes of Ender?
  3. I thought I read somewhere that the "end" portals are broken in the Wild. But I heard you can get there from the waste. Not sure thought... A portal in town to the end would be totally cool.
  4. I believe that using Eyes of Ender in the frontier is broken, but the portals still work. :p
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  5. Yes, but I never have enough
  6. i can help easily
  7. Use more then until you find it :p
  8. If it's really broken, he should not use more...
  9. Well if he pms me on the site i can show him the relative location without needing more anyways.
  10. I can give you a stack or two. I own an enderman grinder and blaze rods are easy to get, so I can make them as quickly as I want to.