The end of the world.

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  1. You've seen Jurassic Park, right? Well some rich australian man is going to clone a dinosaur, or atleast attempt it. If it works, he's going to make a zoo of dinosaurs.
    I would like to see a real, walking dinosaur because i've been obsessed with them all of my life, but a t-rex? That would easily break out and eat some people. Parasaurs are better for this :p
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  2. lol he is trying to get the make the same DNA as a dinosaur
  3. Which means he's going to make a dinosaur.
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  4. its seem like it is a rumour
    and i would be amazed if it will happen
  5. Yeah, i'd be amazed if it happened. But we cloned a sheep, remember? People thought that would be impossible.
    Maybe it did have some genetic defects but it was successful.
  6. Haha awesome!
  7. if they could make a dinosaur they should be able to make replicas of humans after they die
  8. Or other kinds of animals that already died, as a kind....
  9. Sabretooth cats? Lmao. They're more interested in the research of how Axolotls regrow their limbs, parts of their brain and heart and how to make humans do that xD
  10. A dodo maybe?
  11. maybe i can haz pet RAPTOR!!!

  12. Raptors latched onto their prey's side and most of the time their prey died from blood loss. You sure you want one of them running around your house?
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  13. Well, it is tough finding dino DNA in the first place, unlike what was shown in Jurassic Park, you can't just find a mosquito like that. Also, the climate was much different back then, changing after the mass-extinction. You would also need to recreate a food chain that was annihilated over a million years ago.
  14. also, the DNA found in a mosquito is too small to recreate a dinosaur.
  15. If we just brought back dinos like T-rex, Parasaur, Triceratops, or any other dino from the cretaceous period then i'm sure they would OK. The temperatures we have today are the same as they were in the cretaceous period.
  16. We need alot of mosquitos in amber to get enough dino DNA to recreate one. But, you can get the DNA from embryo traces in eggs sometimes. It's extremely rare though, as the embryo has rotted over millions of years.
  17. I live in Australia... and I never heard of it... So it ain't happening ahahaha.
  18. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, what if I told you, i'm an extinct flightless bird. (lost the tune there. Meh, who cares?)
    So call me a dodo, maybe?
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  19. We'll see once you have a baby T-rex running around your country ;) :p