[The End] FIXED

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Maxarias, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Issue is now fixed, you may use the end.
  2. Thanks! I was just about to go D:
  3. So we can't stay there if we are there?
  4. Just don't leave.
  5. Where are the in game messages. And I thought this was going to be another duplication glitch like the one about a year ago. But why would this suddenly happen anyway?
  6. lololol :D
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  7. So, the End is really the End. ha ha
    That is great!
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  8. Good to see me messaging Aikar has got an alert out :)
  9. If a mod is kind enough, I'm assuming that they could probably TP you out of there. :)
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  10. Can they TP bewteen worlds? I believe that on vanilla servers, you must be in the same dimension.
  11. It'll need to be senior staff. Mods don't have /rescue (as far as I know).

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  12. Hmm, can they /tp alexchance jackbiggin ?
  13. Mods: no - /g only lets them teleport to people with it, not the other way round.
    Senior staff: who knows... "If there's anything Aikar can't do, it's a bug"
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  14. And aikar is the only senior staff with op. haxx
  15. Oh, no, I don't WANT to leave. Lol. I grind there.

  16. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Jabr caught my attention with this at about 12:30 EST, and I forwarded the info to senior staff via SSSCC (Super Secret Staff Communication Channels.) :cool:

    However, I was able to use the TP to town with no issue.
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  17. So the price of the enderstone just went roof high!
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  18. *insert aikar ruining economy joke here*
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  19. Great. Just great. I'm stuck in the end in SMP5.

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  20. Hey Max or Aikar if your on can you reply to this because I didn't see this and I tried to get out of the end... I logged out asap as soon as I started falling through the world I think i'm at y:10

    I'm on utopia