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  1. Okay, so this is a story I made. This was intended as fun and if any way I have offended anyone I am sorry and will edit it but I cannot see how it would. Also these facts aren't entirely true (duh). :)
    Now comes the moment when no one reads it and it is really awkward LOL.

    The Empire:
    In the beginning there were a few entities. These were the great IceCreamCow, JustinGuy and Aikar. They were talking one day and decided to create a place where all could be free to claim land for themselves and live their lives in peace, harmony and fun.
    So this is what they did.The great Aiar created this world and ran it using his words of extreme power.IceCreamCow used his extreme knowledge and likeability to get followers (and/or minions) to come to this great place. The Ultimate JustinGuy finished all off with his well... Ultimateness :p.
    A few months later this great place was up and running, it was attracting many great people, these people settled here and built gargantuan structures and shops to keep their economy alive and safe from the supposed way that Aikar destroys economies. The 3 deities were proud of this great place and came up with the idea to create MORE of these places (using The original process was repeated and improved. Along with these 8 other places came new names. Henceforth they were Smp1, Smp2, Smp3, Smp4, Smp5, Smp6, Smp7, Smp8,Smp9. These 'servers' - as they were now called - attracted thousands upon THOUSANDS of followers, economists, bussiness men and all sorts of people! Soon these people wanted to help the great trio to run this incredible place. They supported it and soon became wielders of extreme power, they could change their name colours, claim etra land from the Smp's, and defend from monsters with incredible weapons called TNT! Upon this donation the Deities joined together and created yet another land - UTOPIA! However only the supporters were rewarded with this gift. After a few years of succesfulness the trio settled down more and created stage! Here they would relax and keep watch upon their lands. However some evil renegade's appeared and the trio were forced to recruit! They recruited many 'moderators', 'Senior staff', and 'Admins'! These were the most trusted followers. They helped keep watch over these lands. All the staff gathered and came to a conclusion - they would call these lands.... THE EMPIRE!
  2. technically, well, actually, it was just IceCreamCow and Justin. :p
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  3. But Justin made the Empire, and Aikar finished it off will finish it off in about 10 years using his great lateness...
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  4. It should be noted that the original two were just IceCreamCow and JustinGuy. Aikar joined much later...
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  5. Well, I don't know how long you've been here, but Aikar wasn't here when EMC was created, he didn't join until about 125 days later.
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  6. Hence the reson I said it wasn't true :p and yes I know who originally creayed it.
  7. Maake campfire stories!
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  8. Aikar was always here plotting his scheme, he never showed himself until 125 days later....
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  9. And Gamekribjeremy? He left a while back.

  10. I found TYPO
  11. and mention ME the derp jk
  12. jeremy is icecreamcow, it is his old account.
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  13. I wasn't born when that happened
    (wasn't here when it happened)
    kill my thread so I can post another
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