The Empire Premium Bond Weekly Draw!

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  1. Hey, everyone, I'm Volt, and I am running a brand new service right here in the Empire!

    It's called Empire Premium Bonds. What are they, you ask? Well, they are a ticket for you to win 10,000r every week with a money back guarantee if you want a refund! Allow me to explain.

    How does this work?
    You come to me and buy Premium Bonds through me by paying me using the pay command or using the dirt chests at my res on SMP5 at 10449. For each Bond you buy, I will randomly generate a ten-digit number using a web app and put this number in a document on my computer.

    At the end of the week, I will generate 15 of these numbers. If a number of one of your bonds matches the number of a winning number, you can win up to ten thousand rupees!

    Additionally, for every two bonds you buy, you can claim 1 rupee interest every week, so you can only make a profit from this!

    Prizes and Interest
    There are 5 prizes in Empire Premium Bonds.
    • Five 500R Prizes.
    • Four 1,000R Prizes.
    • Three 2,500R Prizes.
    • Two 5,000R Prizes
    • One Grand Prize of 10,000R!
    There will not be a winner every week, as the winning numbers are not drawn from bonds that have been bought, but they are randomly generated using the same ten digit generator.
    If you don't win, you can always claim 1 rupee of interest for each bond you've bought every week, and you can get your money back at any time! Don't forget that as long as you keep your Bonds in, you can win every week!
    With one bond, you have a 66,666,666.66* to 1 chance of winning a prize. Doesn't sound very appealing, does it? Buying more bonds can exponentially increase your chances of winning.
    How do I buy them?
    Premium Bonds can be bought in one of two ways, at the rate of 10r each.

    • Pay me directly using /r pay 72Volt (amount). I always check my rupee history :)
    • Use the Dirt Chests at the end of the Premium Bond Tutorial at 10449, SMP5. To get there, type /v 10449, then go around the wall, through the doorway in front, walk up the stairs, go into the rightmost teleporter, walk through the tutorial and the chests should be there :)
      More Bond stations will be set up on other servers soon :D
    Where's my money going?
    Your money is used to back local Empire businesses through fair investments which, in turn, increase security for YOUR Premium Bonds, meaning I can 100% guarantee a refund at any time!
    And finally, I would like to wish all my buyers good luck in Empire Premium Bonds!
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