The Empire Minecraft Mod

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  1. Due to the newness of the 1.7.2 code, I have decided to discontinue the mod until the modding community knows and learns the code.

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  4. "Aikar is weird."
  5. You brought it back! I missed this mod so much!
  6. Fatal bug, can cause crashes.
    On spawning of Aikar, he becomes weird.
  7. 1. That's my new signature ^^^
    2. How many emeralds does Aikar drop on death? Also, are there other mobs/players?
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  8. I have been derping around with the mod and I am having some problems.

    I am not seeing any custom mobs and I have been exploring for a while. Is anyone else having this problem?

    Also, I downloaded it to magiclauncher as a jar file, but it will not find mods in a zip file. Does this have anything to do with it?
  9. What does the mod do?
  10. The Magic Launcher isn't working for me. How would I download the mod with the normal launcher?
  11. Try uncompressing the file. Make it a .jar file then it will find mods. It says there are mods but I have problems, though.
  12. I mean the Magic Launcher its self isn't working. Not the mods I try to add. I wanted to try to download it the normal way.
  13. Try installing forge and putting the jar in the mods folder in .minecraft. On the launcher screen, select the version that says forge.
  14. I tried that, bu the mod still didn't work. It's only this mod for some reason, every other mod I get works fine.
  15. What version of forge does this support? 1019,1024,1032?

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  16. Whichever the 1.7.2 recommended is.
    I will take a look at it in the morning. Which part doesn't work? Does it not show in the mods section?
  17. The mod just doesn't show up at all. Items don't show up in the creative inventory, and I don't see any NPCs.
  18. Same here.
  19. So if you look in the mods section it is there? Try searching for "shard" "icecreamcow" and "Aikar" in the search bar in the creative inventory.
  20. I am having the same problem as he is. Downloaded it to magiclauncher in a .jar file.