The Empire Hall of Amazing Staff!

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Do you think this is a good idea?

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Yes, but I don't think I'll come see it 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Yes, and I will definitely come see it. 14 vote(s) 82.4%
No, but I will still come see it anyway. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, and I will never come see it. 1 vote(s) 5.9%
  1. Alright guys, I was planning on creating a sort of "hall" at my res 4116 with a little area dedicated to each staff member (Not excluding ANYONE, they're all amazing anyway.)

    I was also going to have each staff member place a block of his/her choice, and place a sign that says something along the lines of "Maxarian Sand" or something of the sort. But I need some help with this.

    I need a LOT of lapis lazuli (blue dye) and lapis blocks. I also need some magenta wool in creating the shrine themselves. And most importantly, I need the staffs help.

    I would like each staff member to PM me what block they would like to place. I will collect these blocks, and we can arrange a time for us to meet at my res, and you can place the block, and I will screenshot so nobody can say "Ahahaha, you placed those, not Aikar :p you noub!" Thanks!

    Let me know if you think I should add anything to make it better!
  2. *LIKE* :D
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  3. Thanks! I'm hoping all the mods will get in touch with me, so I can complete. I am going to build some extra floors as well so that every time we get a new mod, he/she/it :p will already have a spot to place his/her/it's favorite block.
  4. Any staff input?
  5. I think that each staff member should kinda liek get to design his/her room so it's like made for them.
  6. i think that this is a great idea and all the staff would agree with me :D
  7. Sounds like fun, i'll happily place a block. I would recommend contacting the staff members instead of waiting for them to contact you, we do get quite busy and there is no guarantee that everyone will see this thread.
    I suggest starting 3-4 convo's, with as many staff as you can fit in each, and asking them in the convo for their assistance. At least this way, even if they don't wish to participate directly, they can tell you their fave block and you can add it for them. :)
  8. Agreed'
  9. This could work, I don't know if I have enough room with the spot I'm planning it for though...
  10. Whoever voted no, if you could explain why, that'd be great.
  11. I absolutely love this idea! Can't wait to come see it once it is done!
  12. Thanks! 1 staff down, 21 to go
  13. Alright guys, bumping this old thread because the shrines are done, and staff members have begun placing their blocks! Come check out this epic establishment at 4116 on SMP2! Teleport there then just walk straight ahead.
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