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Do you think having a EMC Musuem is a great idea ?

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Yes , I love this idea ! 27 vote(s) 65.9%
No , I hate this idea... 3 vote(s) 7.3%
Okay , This idea is decent. 11 vote(s) 26.8%
  1. Hello ! Its aCookieGod , im building a Empire Minecraft Museum ! Its being built on SMP1 Residence : 1918. It'll display Moderators placed blocks , Famous players placed blocks. Big , small , fancy , 3D pixel arts , Death of great famous players also ! But ... I cant finish this big project myself... I'll need you guys of Empire Minecraft to help me make this happen ! I would need Great , Small , Medium amounts of Donations. I'd really enjoy a donation , it'll make my day and motivate me to build this Empire Minecraft Musuem More ! This is the entrance of the Musuem : Cookie Inc. EMC Museum.jpg Thank you for reading and I hope you'll help me out and create this Museum as a team ! SMP 1 Residence : 1918. Thank you all ! - aCookieGod ;)
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  2. Awesome! I may donate. Maybe the people who donated get to place a block of their choice in the donator room?
  3. I've got a museum too :3 Well I haven't got it on EMC yet but it's on single player :)
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  4. That sounds like a great idea ! I'll keep track of the donaters ! Thanks :3
  5. Thats nice ! You willing to donate ? I cant wait to get building :p
  6. Ill allow my excellence to be displayed here, and also donate a little. :)
  7. Thank you so much MrLegitisLegit :3 You are really Legit :)
  8. I can help gather some information, and perhaps make a pamphlet. history book for you.
  9. That'll be great ! Thanks !
  10. I was soon going to propose building a museum on smp7. This is a great idea!
  11. I can't get on now, but how about [insert what building mats you need here] to speed up the process??
  12. Thanks !
  13. Great idea. I could contribute at least one map pixel art to this, if you like. Also, I like Sparer's idea of including books. Let the public know what they can do to help!
  14. What did I just do ? LOL I will need Tons of Stone Bricks , Windows Diamond Blocks Iron Blocks Emerald Blocks or Gold Blocks. You may choose any of those :D Thanks Truffle :3 Thats the message
  15. Alright ! What kind of Pixel art would you like to place in this museum ? Dragon , cookie , egg , chicken anything you'd like ! I may even take up 5 floors just for your massive pixel if its impressive :3
  16. I could probably start the knowledge quest tomorrow. If possible, please build a chamber to house the story of the Empire.
  17. Okay , I'll build a chamber to hold the Story ;)
  18. 26 emerald blocks and some glass coming up :D
  19. Thanks man !