The Empire Guild

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  2. I am talking to the major people/staff of the guild about future guild projects
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  3. Hey wasn't I VP?
  4. you said you left, so i gave it to my friend. i can make him Senior VP and you VP, good?

    its done.
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  5. Lets try to keep this thread active, can someone :bump: it when it isnt in the "most active threads" tab?
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  7. ill join
  8. ok, can you send in an official application? i may have to answer it tommorow, getting off, like right now

    P.S, like my new profile picture XD

    I can give you and oidgod the position of the assistant of the two Co-Leaders (senior and normal)
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  9. lol new profile pic ima call you justin shack
  10. lol, i just like this pic. can you send in an app quick? i have to go :/
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  11. yeah i looked at this and it said empire guild with justins avatar i thought he must have implemented guilds or something.
  12. XD i hope loads of people look at it now!!!!!
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  13. I would suggest not using pointless "bumps" to bump threads like that, as it would be considered disruptive forum use. Thank you.
  14. I would also suggest changing your avatar back please, it appears you only did it so people would confuse you for me. Thanks :)
  15. Aww, I thought Justin made a Staff-Only superclub. :(
  16. that would be awesome. i'd love to see you guys flying around in tights wearing your underpants on the outside and meting out justice with your super mod powers.

    hmm did that sound a little creepy?
  17. ill change it, i forgot it would seem like this XD

    ill find another way to get attention besides :Bumps: it kinda messess up the threads too.

    btw. justin AND jeremy, both commented on my thread. this.... is the happiest day of my life.....
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  18. I will join... if i get unbanned :(
  19. not to be pushy, but could you guys delete your posts? i kinda wanna keep this thread clean :)
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  20. What are you best at (woodcutting, exploring, etc.) Mining
    2. How long have you played Minecraft sense the start
    3. How long have you played on EMC a few months
    4. Are you responsible? YES
    5. (optional) Age? Teenager
    6. Home Server? smp4
    7. What time zone do you live in? mountain time
    8. What times can you be online (In American Eastern Time, please translate if in different timezone) all the time

    I would like to apply for head miner, head builder, or a position on the "head staff"