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  1. I was thinking, with the 1.3 update coming out, that since books will be able to have things written in them, we should make copies of them for all players and make a gui thingy if you ever had to look at it. It would stop alot of ignorant people from being... ignorant. :)
  2. This is actually an awesome idea if we can somehow make it so everyone always has one and can somehow update IT for everyone when we update the guide.
  3. that is actually going to be amazingly easy to do, considering every story that is written is just a simple .txt file on the server side, so anything you did to edit it on .txt would simply edit it server wide.
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  4. :D I am glad this idea is being considered! :D
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  5. I love this idea. I think I brought it up when books first were announced, and I still am all for it! :D
  6. Just do it in the starter pack when you join the server... With the stone tools, torches and saplings
  7. I applaud this idea. I dont know if this would be hard to code or not, why not make it so you cant throw it away or burn it or something
  8. Just write a book in the new update! xD
  9. have it in a extra inventory space and all you can do with it is read it you can't get rid of it even if you die
  10. Yes but if you get this with the stone tools and all that jazz, some players might be like This guide is taking up inventory space rarw and throw it away.
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  11. I think they should have this, but also add a jail plugin, and when they are put in jail for breaking a small rule, you give them a copy of the book!:)
  12. but thin you would have people say "i did not do it!!!"
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  13. Deny the chat until the jail sentence is over:)
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  14. then thay would get on here and be like "mee gotz put in jale"
  15. sounds like something I would hear from you dogz Just Kidding.. Jail is a compeletly different idea.. Reason why emc doesn't have one: temp bans are much easier to write out and keep the players from giving us bad rep ingame..
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  16. And thats why you would deny them chat...
  17. Or leave it so you can delete the old one when it gets out of date. And when the guide is updated, deliver a fresh copy to everyone's vault, perhaps. But I also like the idea of receiving one while doing the tutorial.

    Edit: or maybe even tie in a new command, like /guide or /get guide. Or something. And when you type that, a fresh new copy of the guide is delivered to your inventory.
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  18. Now all we gotta do is convince people to read it. :/
  19. Yeah but then we can have a canned response for any type of question.

    Them: How do I claim a lot?
    You: type /guide

    Them: How do I make a shop?
    You: type /guide

    Them: How do I connect to this server?
    You: *facepalm*
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  20. Will books have clickable links? if so- that could be infused into this idea