The EMC Noble Charity

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  1. So I have decided to make an EMC Charity. The main idea is there will be a charity HQ (probaly SMP9 19233) and it will have each sections which are the servers. In those stalls\rooms will be a selection of cheap or free items (yes that means cheap diamond). There will hopefully be someone running that stand\room but doesnt neex to be there all the time.

    Project Starting; Hopefully this weekend when I will finish the Charity HQ and tree garden.
    HQ open; The HQ will open ASAP hopefully as soon as the HQ is complete.
    Title; COMING SOON
    Sheep Charity; COMING SOON.

    Overseer; Mindlegokid
    Assistant Overseer;

    Charity Admin;

    Charity Helper;

    Charity Builder

    Charity Supplier;

    Charity Recruit;

    On the forum choose which one you wanna be also I can pnly have 2 Assistant Overseers.
  2. I WILL do charity building. Nothing too fancy, just SELF BUILDING castles!
  3. Great welcome to tbe Charity
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  4. Not saying this is a bad idea, but just don't let it get too big. If you give away too many items at cheap prices or for free, it may devalue them!

    But I honestly wish you the best of luck with this :D
  5. We will only give items and work to whom are proved to be griefed. Items should be the essential ones to get people back on their feet.
  6. This is a charity for the poor so we nust sell stuff cheap like diamond per say at 25r but what we wouldnt want is rich folk buying everything
  7. Yes but were mainly gonna sell cobble and wood to get the poor up to speed
  8. Ahh, now I hear yah. Yeah, I change my mind. MAKE IT AS BIG AS POSSIBLE XD

    You guys should probably mention that then in the first post :p I thought it was just a giveaway thing
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  9. Hurm, that may be pretty hard to do. It is hard to tell who is "rich" and who is "poor". You also have to take into account their items, not just their rupees.
  10. Hey, umm, don't you think many players who can afford to spend money will take advantage of the charity?
  11. You should team up with malacaii. He's doing the same thing as you
  12. Just like IRL, will you also recieve donations? Rupees, items etc.