The "EMC Community" (Rant Thread on Bad/Annoying Players) + #EndGriefing2012

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Will you take up the cause and put #EndGriefing2012 in your signature?

No, because I hate IamSaj and my life and also I'm a griefer and got banned from 5 servers 6 vote(s) 8.8%
Yes, #EndGriefing2012 all the way!!!! #EG2012 62 vote(s) 91.2%
  1. I'm tired of it. Some of you are too. I haven't been here that long enough to be considered a senior. Not even close. But everyone in this world deserves peace and quiet for any bit of time. I'll tell you guys a sad tale I have experienced today (will ___ out names) and after, my opinions on THAT side of the community. Don't get me wrong, there are AMAZING people out there on the EMC servers that love helping people and do great things to make other players lives better than their own. But I'm not talking about that. There's probably almost 20 threads about how great and awesome this family/community we have on this game. But now without further ado: The story (Based on my experiences playing EMC today)
    The Griefer
    What is a griefer you ask? A griefer is a vile scum that walks Minecraftia in hopes of crushing dreams and making others feel pain and anguish. That is a definiton of a griefer. Now, we have to recognize, there are different types of griefers:
    1. The Petty Griefers - These are the ones that are fresh on EMC (1 days played etc) and have no idea what the Empire Guide is and go into the Wild, not knowing how to claim a res, go into people's houses in the Wild and either take some of the person's stuff, or they strip the house of valuable materials to a noob (wood, stone, tools, food etc.) This is called griefing. It is small percent of people that do that. And it is wrong no matter HOW much you steal, its ruining someone's experience.
    2. The Oblivious/Normal Griefers - These are the ones who do the same damage as regular griefers and are basically the same as regular griefers, but they are oblivious to everything. This is what they do. They: Burn houses, take from unlocked chests, flood mines (after they take all the minerals they can find) and just destroy 90% of the person's home. And leave. These griefers do not care about the Guide, and disregard it completely.
    3. The Troll Griefers - These are like the normal griefers, except they do it for the "fun" of seeing someone's reaction and anguish/rage. These are like you high school bullies. They also might be very popular in Town, but in the Wild, they are merciless killers. These are the griefers that also PvP (with flint n steel) shove people in lava, de-mine their mining partners, blow up (Diamond supps only), destroy, lava rain, steal and overall cause more mayhem and destruction the Normal Griefers. But just when you though it couldn't get any worse, there is. The worst of them all.
    4. The Professional Griefers - These are the worst. They do it for a living and also do it on many servers. They also mildly troll Town chat (not enough to get banned) and sometimes they even plan to massively grief the wild. (Just like the Lava Griefing in SMP3) These are the you can say, "terrorists" of Minecraft servers. They do all of the above, destroying, stealing lava raining, but they leave literally no evidence, but some leave signs to boast their "handiwork" these are the ones hidden among the community but eventually found thanks to the trusty "F2" button. These are all types of griefers and you can put all griefers into one of these four categories.
    Now. Today I logged into SMP5. And I see *_____* yelling in Town chat, HELP I GOT GRIEFED SOMEONE HELP OMG I KNOW WHO DID IT IT WAS ______ and _______ so I tried to calm him down, help him, but he wasn't responding. So I gathered a group of people (not naming names) to go to the North Outpost in the wild and we followed ______ who supposedly is friends with the guy spamming the Town chat. When we get there, I see the caps guy. I ask him if he doesn't have screenshots and actual hard fact evidence that you cannot get him banned. He says that and I quote, " I was mining and found diamonds but I had to go. So ____ followed me on the Live Map and went to his place and went into the mine and took the diamonds. ____ (Diamond Stealer) said later that he had an accomplice that "made him do it" and had the idea in the first place. So when we went into the mine we mined out the area and was searching for the chest (Supposedly ___ (Diamond Snatcher's friend) hid the diamonds in the chest. And of course, if your mining, you find minerals. Now we didn't find anything but along the way ___ (Caps Guy's friend was still yelling at (Diamond Snatcher) saying rude things like "bu** in he** etc. then he turned on us. I only had two stack of cobble, but he claimed that all of us had "Griefed" his mine (He gave us permission to search for it) and that we were taking all the minerals in his mine he then proceeded to use all caps like his friend. Caps Guy #1 also started doing this as well. This was when I gave up and proceeded to leave. 1. We didn't find any proof. 2. They were accusing us of griefing their mine 3. They were using vulgar language and commanding us to give them all our items. So I left with ____ and went back to Town. This opened my eyes to the terrible part of the EMC community. Griefers, robbers, scammers, trollers, caps spammers, and terribly inexperienced players. I was on the other night and this guy got out of the tutorial and asked, "doEz ayn1one haz fr33 d1am0ndz???!!!" <--- That was literally what they said. Like what? This other guy asked, how do I claim a res? I told him /v open. He proceeded to then spam the chat with "v open" and accusing me of lying. I told him many times that is was /v open, but he would not listen. Sometimes I get too frustrated by this. But instead of making this a huge giant rant thread about me whining, I've decided to make a project. It is called
    #EndGriefing2012. It's simple. Basically put it in your signature and encourage others to put it in there's. If you put #EG2012 in your signature, you are agreeing to help inexperienced players out, be a well known member who makes people laugh and helps them out, stops griefing and helps the griefed, and also putting it on your Twitter or Facebook.
    We can't stop it, but we sure can make this EMC Community a better place.
    Thanks to IcecreamCow and JustinGuy you have truly made this server an amazing place
    to be and log on to everyday. Also the amazing mods who look after us and protect us in times of need. And too the new players and incoming members, welcome
    to the family. The EMC Family.
    Thanks for reading my thread on griefing. If you liked it, like it and Answer the poll.
    And don't forget.
    - IamSaj
  2. I snoozed at "senior". Short summary plz?
  3. Sorry if you dont like reading :p
  4. No i do! Is it that the end is griefed too much?
  5. No. Its about griefers and putting a stop to it and false accusations. #EG2012!!
  6. Spread the word if you want to end griefing!
  7. I'm in, grief needs to stop. I've experienced it firsthand as a moderator on a friends server. I've seen it happen to people on EMC. I'm done with it.
    PS: Can't get it in my sig for some reason....

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  8. I actually made an "achievement" for it, I feel the sword represents how we need to cmbat it.
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  9. Nice! Make sure to put it in your sig! :)
  10. I'm trying to get it to show, but it only shows my self-portrait pic, need to fix.
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  13. Oh. Nice you updated it. So did I
  14. Yeah, I'll just remove the "Self-Portrait".
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  16. I may do this, despite myself being seldom greifed but i cant bear when others in my outposts are greifed
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  18. I like it!
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  20. I like it, maybe people should use a certain achievement to represent how they want to help the anti-griefing cause.
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