The EMC Book of Server Records

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  1. Hi Everyone, I plan on launching a purchasable book. Titled: "The EMC Book of Server Records" which will contain the server records set by you, the players of EMC.

    How to submit your record?
    Well just enter the following info and post below:
    Record Title:
    Record Info (Conditions, motives, something interesting...):
    Record date:

    PLEASE NOTE Proof must be either a screen-shot or video or something similar. If you are found to have cheated then you will be banned from further editions of "The EBSR".
    I understand that this will be the first print so the "Proof" rules will be a bit lax.

    Copies of The EBSR will be available on all servers. Copies will be printed by myself.
    Entrees will be gives a fair cash prize once copies start selling.

    Shops distributing:


    If you would like your shop to distribute, I am allowing a max of 3 shops per server. Please contact me (PM) with why you should be able to sell the book.

    Updating A Record

    Stealing someones thunder or updating your old record? Just create a new submission as this will be an ongoing thread.

    The original post was here: EMC records! thanks to zombieslayer010 for allowing me to adapt his idea.

    The small print/other info:
    Profit? I take the same as/less than what entrees earn. This is a community project and nobody is getting exploited on my watch! As an accepted entree I guarantee you your fair share.
  2. Well i tried to point out that this one is the better and right one to use, but beka's said that he and zombie didnt see this, even though zombie said (before beka's post) that he did see it...
  3. I wouldnt get angry. I would ask a mod on what they think would be best. While this one is more detailed and was definitely out first, the other one has progressed due to the author not caring about who actually started this idea..
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  4. I agree, but i'm not going to just leave this.
  5. Take them "copying" you as flattery, they wouldn't do so without loving the idea. Don't get angry at them, there's no real need to. Someone must have been the first person to build a pyramid on EMC (their name is Justin), but that doesn't stop others making their own.

    I agree that your setup seems a little bit more organised, but their thread is the one that has gained the submitters and there's nothing you can do to stop that.
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  6. No harm in trying :p