Guiness EMC Records 2013

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Will you buy this book?

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  1. DONATIONS APPRECIATED! Donate over 1000 rupees to our cause and receive a Guiness EMC Record 2013 book FREE!

    Have you run from outpost to outpost?
    Have you been on EMC the longest?
    Have you reset your residence the most amount of times in EMC history?

    Introducing the latest franchise which is a bookstore must-have,
    written by zombieslayer010 and BeKaLuSa.

    This book will delve through the most astounding, amazing and spectacular feats known to EMC-kind.

    To enter your success, please PM or post on this thread your name, and the details of your ground-breaking achievement. Please enter yourself in the template following.


    NAME: BeKaLuSa.

    ACHIEVEMENT PROPOSED: Fastest Outpost to Outpost Run.

    DETAILS: Ran from Outpost A to Outpost B.


    The best achievement in each area will be entered in the final copy of the book.
    So if zombieslayer010 proposed he reset his residence 3 times, and then BeKaLuSa said he reset his residence 4 times, BeKaLuSa's entry would be included in the book.


    Entries must be clean of any bad language or anything irresponsible, or entries will not be considered.
    Multiple entries are allowed (on different achievements).
    Entries must be EMC related.

    Not having fun is not allowed, and if you do not have fun you will be banned ;)

    *sign book*
  2. NAME: Mrlegitislegit

    Achivement proposed: First recorded player to run from the main spawn, to all four outposts on any server.

    Details: ^
  3. id buy this book
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  4. Achievement approved.
  5. *cough* Icameupwith99.9%ofthisidea

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  6. NAME: BobTheTomato9798

    Achievement proposed: First Tomato on EMC!
  7. Ive reset my residence more times than I bother to count.
    There actually was a tomato before you, his name was Bill the tomato.
    EDIT: Im the first fun bear named zoe on EMC
  8. Added
  9. NAME: Biscuitboy5396

    Achievement proposed: First Biscuit on EMC!
    First to own res 10005 on smp5 (Spawn Res the day it came out)
  10. may I add something? since we are going to be writing a book, could people who enter write a story.. or something I could put?
  11. Lol.
    Added (Biscut)
  12. beka? could we get together somewhere in-game to write this?
  13. Guys the achievements have to be achievements, no stuff like I claimed res 297378283 k? Also keep I MC related please.
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  14. Yeah sure.
  15. SMP1 JustinGuy's res work?
  16. I'm on holidays right now, only have my phone. Getting back tomorrow.
  17. This is gonna be a awesome project guys; keep them entries coming!!!
  18. Seriously? I could put "First zombie on EMC!" please don't send these in
  19. Name: Kman122000
    Achievement Proposed: Youngest EMC member.
    Details: Age 11, check my profile.
  20. NAME: J_A_D_E_1_6

    Achievement proposed: Most mods in the same residence at once;D
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