the elytra expidition!

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  1. hey peeps
    i need a few players who have found elytras in the wild before to give me a bit of advice on how to find elytras in the wild, i have walked accross the whole smp5 wild end and not even found the boat that the wings are supposivly in

    any tutorials?
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  2. End islands start 1k blocks out. Ender pearl into one of the floating gates to get a jump out there. Then it's pretty boring work. You need lots of stacks of dirt and 4-8 stacks of enderpearls, depending on how often you use them. The only thing you need to bring is a mediocre or soul bound bow (for the skulkers) and some soul bound armour. Take advantage of having an enderchest. The chorus fruit will keep you well fed, so you don't have to worry about bringing food.
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  3. mind taking me sometime?
  4. End expeditions are best done 1 person. I can show you how to island crawl if you want though :p
  5. Thx! Ill grab ya next time i see u in game
  6. If you are in the Frontier End you are going to have to travel pretty far to get them. At this point the Wastelands End may have been raided already but you might have an easier time finding one.

    or I can sell you one, let me know :D
  7. i already have one lol im looking to get some to sell
    as i said, this "unENDable wild end" i walked accross :p
  8. The island hopping method is very slow and boring. There are much faster ways to travel, though they are riskier. The method I use I will not say since it is a method a friend discovered and he/she wishes it to be kept secret.