The Elite Shop - Now Opening

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  1. Been taking me literally forever to work on the production of my shop.
    After about half a year, working around upgrading it from the updates... and working with doing other projects and residences... I finally have the residence opened.


    • What does the shop consist of?
      • A buy/sell of every item (excluding skulls, beacons, and nether stars - they are buy only - with sell on requests)
      • An enchantment shop with buy/sell of every book
      • And a work in progress on potion shop and 1.6 items.
      • *Also the residence's outside is in-progress... It used to consist of 4 giant pyramids each with it's own teleport system and jump down feature... Now i'm upgrading it to compliment every country in the world :D
    • Where is it located?
      • SMP-2 ... res # 3047
    • When will it open?
      • Tonight after kevdudeman's party
      • See his thread for more information regarding the party: HERE
      • The party start's at 7:00pm EST ... and ends - well that's a mystery :D
    Hope to see a lot of happy customers - see you after the party

    The Residence Is Now Opened :D

    Special thanks to ItsMeMatheus for helping me build and organize a few things.
    and kevdudeman for helping me with the enchantment room the last day :)
  2. Thank god, its finally open! :p
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  3. Another place to go to, this time to spend ~( . 3 . )~
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  4. Kevins party is now over... My Shop is now officially Open!! :D

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