The Earth

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  1. It's time to reveal my megabuild to the Empire. It is nowhere near completion. I've been working with Yukon1200 to build this, and there's still a lot to do. The continents will take weeks, if not months, and the interior is likely to take even longer than the outside.

    So, Empire Minecraft, I present to you, The Earth, Stage 1:

    This 100 block diameter sphere was build entirely by hand, with blue wool. There are 25,776 blocks in the structure, harvested from Mugatu1994's (likely very tired) sheep on the plot next door, and placed by Yukon1200 and myself, JabrZer0.

    Location: Utopia plot 5393 (or /v jabrzer0 2)

    A very big thank you to Justin: without him, we never would have even been able to start this project :)

    - JabrZer0 and Yukon1200
  2. Omg, :O

    Awsome !
  3. It has taken so long to get to this point. But was it worth it? totally.
  4. Omg your earth is filled with water :eek:
  5. Shaunwhite1998 beat you to it on smp 1. He also built it before he became a mod.
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  6. Umm he is Shaunwhite1982 ;)
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  7. We did this knowing that. In fact we have consulted him several times on tips on how to proceed, and he has been quite helpful :)
  8. Yes, what Yukon says is correct. Ours is being built using what he learned from his and expanding on it. We're also building a city inside of the Earth.
  9. oh yeah shaunwhite1982* I barely ever see him anymore so its hard to remember his name. :p
  10. Yeah I have been somewhat busy on smp3 for quite some time, I plan to come and finish off mine when I get some downtime. :)
    JabrZer0 is building a 100x100 block size, mine was only 60x60 which is maximum size of smp lot. I look forward to seeing how he goes with his continents, I had some issues myself to begin with and am keen to see another players approach on it.
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  11. Shaun, I think my approach will just be copying off you and multiplying the # of blocks by 5/3... It seems easiest. Like I said, we're using what we learned from yours and expanding on it :) Quite literally in this case.
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  12. That's fine for Australia, Africa and South America, but I think I will end up erasing central/north America, Canada, and most of Europe, Russia and Asia as I am not happy with the outcome and want to redo them.
  13. well then I guess we know what land masses are coming first then :p
  14. Make pancreas :D ( am i spelling it right? lol )
  15. Pancreas is my favorite continent :p let's make Pangea !
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  16. LMAO
    My "Pancreas" is epic fail lol. I just googled it and found out it's a part of human organism.
  17. WOOOOOOOOOW hahaha
  18. the term you are looking for is Pangea....
  19. yes that has been established :p
  20. if ya wanna get technical, its Pangaea...but overall great job on making the sphere...
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