The "Dig In Your Own Residence" Message!

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  1. Guys, roughly a year ago I made a suggestion about this that got about 20 likes, and a year later that message is still extremely annoying and worse - it's laughing in my face! I ask that players, mods, and admins a like please take a look at this and consider it. Especially the message toggle idea. Here it is below:

    I'm sure you guys have gotten a little irritated with this when you're using an efficiency enchanted pick or shovel to dig out your res. The Eff tools move so fast that by the time you realize you've hit town dirt, you already have a dozen town messages spamming your chat, which makes it really hard to see unless you have a ton of torches up. You have to wait for them to fade away, rinse and repeat.

    We should figure out a way to make this less irksome while still letting people who don't know any better that they're trying to dig outside their res. Here are my suggestions

    1. Extend the amount of time between each message to like 30 seconds or a minute. (Already thought of, I'm sure)

    2. Have a feature that lets you toggle this message. Like I said, new people don't know any better, so maybe only certain people can toggle the message. People who have been on the empire for more than 200 days or maybe make it a Supporter feature. Or even a feature you have to pay for.

    While we're at it, maybe we could apply this to those tips that randomly show up in chat?
  2. I approve this message!
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  3. /ch tip (or tips?) off - for the chat tips.

    I don't think it's a massive deal and that the time taken to implement it all would be worth it. :)
  4. When I was removing snow for someone,the messages kept coming up.Very irritating.
  5. I quite like it the message :U
  6. I certainly would not pay for this.
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  7. Yeah I was digging out a couple of reses with Eff V shovels and that message became the bane of my existence. Really would like a way to turn it off after its given you a few warnings! :)
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  8. Or you can go to your settings and change your GUI scale to make your chat box and hot bar smaller, so when you get spammed by it, it doesn't cover up your screen as much. Like in your picture ;)
  9. People like the big size. The messages are just pretty annoying.

    Oh and what if there was a way to make the dirt act like bedrock so it looks like dirt but you cant break it.
  10. Go to Options -> Video Settings -> GUI Scale: Small
    It will reduce the size of the messages...every time you dig you should do this.

    I do agree with a alternate type of building material for the border, something that takes a while to break, something that requires a pick like stone or ^Bedrock^
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  11. Any method will do as far as toning down the messages. Because even with the gui scale small, I'm a social creature and I like to talk to people. After a thousand of those messages I have to scroll up just to see what people have said.
  12. Same here. I love my eff IV unbreaking III pick.
  13. Why did you bump this forum... it didn't need to be bumped.
  14. Who, me? I didn't bump it. I revived it by reposting it. It's over a year old, I don't think anyone will accuse me of spamming it. xP
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  15. Bumping as in bumping, you put it on the first page -3-
  16. I'm confused. >_> But there are a lot of people who agree with me, so maybe they will implement it. :D
  17. Yup I agree with you to